Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cake Or Cupcake?

Before I'll shop for plus size dresses for my online business, allow me to post this home-made chocolate fondant I made for my son's birthday last wednesday. Nothing fancy. Since we only had family dinner, I decided to baked him a cake instead of buying one at the patisserie which will cost me at leasts 50 €. His children's party will be this coming sunday and the place where I have our reservation will provide him his birthday cake. Parents will be around of course and I'm hesitating at the moment if I'll be serving them chocolate fondant once again or chocolate cupcakes only. Which is best? There'll be cookies, candies, mallows and some other stuffs of course aside from the birthday cake Raphaël will be sharing with his friends.

My Simple & Small Christmas Tree

I have my Christmas tree earlier this year. I bought it last week of November even if hubby was against with my idea. Here in France, people prepare to have their Christmas tree when December comes in. They always prefer to have the fresh one and not the artificial one. And as it is fresh, of course, the pine tree dies early too if you'll have it early. I don't really care if it dies early or not. All I want is to have it early and that's it to surprise my son. I had it for 19 € and it's really small. Decorated it in my own style. Raphaël was very happy when he first saw it of course. Mind you, I had to put it up twice because he likes to play with it and so the Christmas tree and the decos keep on falling down. Oh well, that's the life of being a mom. I have to explain things at him over and over until he understands even if sometimes, he'll try to explain me why he does it (in his own toddler language lolz).

So excuse me if my Christmas tree is not as beautiful as yours. It's tempting me to redecorate it once again while I'm looking for Howard medical computer carts. Shall I do it once again?