Thursday, 31 May 2007

Performance à l'ecole

French language is said to be the most difficult language to study as the pronunciation is different compared to how it is written. Hirap ng pronunciation. I will honestly say that I am still working at it lalo na I am a Cebuana, so there's a difference on how I pronounce the vowels. Things are so fast at the school. Teacher here explains the lesson so fast. Di katulad sa atin na sobrang matyaga mga guro natin sa pinas for the sake of the student to understand the lesson.

At Alliance Française de Manille, it is indeed a very serious establishment to study language lesson pero here in france, they are more serious and they are more strict. Kasi sa pinas, pag di na talaga kaya ng estudyante or di talaga maintindihan kung ano yung word, the professor himself will say it in english pero dito sa france uhuhuhuhuhuh la talagang translation in english. Super hirap especially na mga classmates ko are of different nationalities tapos sobrang galing pa magfrench. Class ko is in the morning but when I arrived home for lunch time, mukha ko nasa harap lang talaga ng book to study tapos super dami ng devoirs. I don't have the time to go out at the mall or to watch a movie or to do belly dancing here at home infront of the DVD player. I can say that I miss doing all these stuff especially belly dancing. But on the other hand, it is such an accomplishment lalo na if the teacher will tell you na she finds you smart and she can see in you the interests in learning the language no matter how hard it is. Super sarap ng feeling when hearing these words. Now, kahit pagod na pagod na talaga ako, I am inspired to work hard more on my studies and not only that, it is such an accomplishment for me also na I can now understand what I am reading on french books or novels and my favorite....poésie (poems). Demain will be the last day of the class for this session tapos next monday will be the start of the class for next session. All I can say is : Bonne chance à moi

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Park Bordelai

As we are the nouveaux voisins here in Bordeaux, little by little we discovered some of their touristic spots here nearby. Heuresement, there is a cute park which is just walking distance from home. It is Park Bordeaulais. At first, I was amazed how people take advantage of the weather when it is sunny. So crowdy and majority of them spent their time with their family and kids. Para pala silang pinoy. I found them very friendly and respectful towards the animals and the nature itself. Was shocked also that cagnards, ducks, squirrels, swans, birds are free to roam around the park. Sabi ko asawa ko na pag sa pinas yan, for sure nasa frying pan na kaagad mga yan and he laughed. But anyway, weather here is crazy kasi pabago bago but not bad. Je suis pareseuse especialement si je me réveille à 6:45 in the morning. Right now, I am having my french lesson at Alliance Française in Bordeaux. Super hirap pala tapos daming asignments. I am able to adjust here petit à petit.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A Dream Wedding

Love is beautiful, isn't it?

A cebuana and a french guy finally tied the knot last November 25, 2006 at Moalboal, Cebu

Monday, 14 May 2007

Bienvenue en France

First time to be in this beautiful country. What's my experiences here so far? That's kinda difficult to answer but I made sure that I savour every moment of my life here and enjoy each minute of my life in this beautiful country. So far, I love everything what I've done here. The white and red wines, different kinds of famous cheese; du foie gras et du cagnard, the good and bad side of le printemps and the people itself. I just realized that I am now really in a new world, far away from my homeland Philippines. I can say that I miss my home and the atmosphere with your co kababayans.