Monday, 31 March 2008

Hollywood Actresses Lemon Drink

One of my daily habit in the morning and in the evening before going in bed is to drink my lemon drink. This is a natural one because I use real lemon and a honey together with hot water. Do you guys know that hollywood actresses like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Aniston are doing these too? It is being said that it is good for people who like to keep their body fit and to maintain that slim body they've got. I don't know if it's true or not but my belly dancing instructor herself does this as well. I've noticed her drinking this all the time and she's really small and curvy. I like this lemon drink because it's natural and honey is a very good alternative instead of using sugar. Drinking this in the evening makes me sleep like a baby.

Anyone Interested In Used Cisco Items?

The old place where I used to work (in my homeland) are having many used cisco items right now. Are you guys interested about it? I was able to talk to my friend, the technician of this shop, and he told me about it and the news at their shop. So far so good because they’ve got more items now and equipments that they’re using have been upgraded as well. That would simply mean that my boss before is very rich now hehehe. What a heck because I can’t even take advantage of the bonus he’ll be giving very soon to his employees :-).

Acne-Free Woman

Haven’t you noticed some changes in the last photos I’ve uploaded weeks ago ? Aside from the new haircut I’ve got, my pimples are getting lesser now as well and they’re not that visible now. I guess the new products I’ve tried really work for me. The lady from the pharmacy was the one who recommended me these acne treatment products. After telling her everything and how sensitive my skin is, she then got those products and explained me why she prefers those products for me. Well, I can’t wait to be a totally acne-free woman.

Friday, 28 March 2008

L'Apero Anyone?

I am busy as always especially when we've got guest(s) coming in here at home. I have to make a list for the groceries, list for the menus that I will be serving and so many things. That's my job as a woman of this house. It's tiring a little bit when I am so busy but I love it when friends go here. It's always a pleasure for us to have anyone here at home even if I have to do this and that. I guess weeks ago, we had a visitor here from Toulouse. That was great as well even if they didn't stayed that long. Next week, my inlaws will be coming over here :-). I've been thinking and have been searching for different menus already. For the aperitif, I don't know if I'll be serving the same things as shown in the picture or to try other new things.

My friend has been asking me if I know a reliable casino site that accepts US players. Gamblers coming from USA have been facing this kind of problem because mostly of the Online casinos right now are accepting european players only and US gamblers are not allowed to make any deposits or to play for real money. That’s unfair for them for sure. Being a blogger, I’m able to able to explore more sites and I told her to check these USA online casinos listed at Well, it’s up to her as to which of these Online casinos she’d like but all the casinos here accept US gamblers with no single restrictions at all.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

England is one of the countries that I’d love to visit one day here in Europe. I’ve heard so many beautiful things from my friends and relatives who have visited this place and I’ve seen many amazing landscapes too from the pictures I got from my loved one’s. Some have said that England is the most expensive place in this world and life there is really expensive. Maybe they are right but for me, if you are quite practical enough with your spendings then you’ll be able to save a lot of money. Ifever I’ll be visiting England one day, I’m not going to stay at the most expensive hotel and I’ll surely look for the most affordable hotel deals online. One thing’s for sure is that I’ll surely browse the different Lisbon hotels and will make a reservation at All the hotels listed at their site have very interesting prices.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Au Cinema

This is the shot I took this afternoon at the cinema à la Bastide. Hubby and I went directly at the cinema to watch 10 000 movie right after my belly dancing stage for 2 hours. The movie was not bad at all. I like the cinemas in this place becase it is bigger compared to the cinema that is located in Gambetta (Bordeaux Centre), the seats are new and very comfortable and the entire room is really clean and very spacious. The tickets here are more expensive but it is really worth it and the parking area is very spacious too. Too bad because I didn’t managed to take some shots. Next time I promise I’ll do it!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Reliable Web Hosting Companies

My web host provider was always down and that’s the first problem I encountered when I started my domain. I tell you, it is very disappointing and frustrating because I had many pending jobs because of it and the entries I did were always turned down because the advertisers couldn’t see the posties I made. A very good web hosting company is never down and if they’ll be doing some upgrades or something in their system, they must inform their clients. Do you agree?

There are hundreds of web host company everywhere now but you have to consider some things before making a final decision. A very good customer service support is the most important thing that you have to think of a web host company so that when you encounter any single problem, it will be very easy for you to ask for a help. Top 3 web hosting sites will be seen here at

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Tasty Dinner From Hubby

Hubby was in the very good mood to cook a tasty meal once again for dinner. At first, I told him that it will be me who’ll be preparing something for us but as I was sleeping from 5 in the afternoon till 9+ in the evening, he didn’t bothered to wake me up but instead, surprised me this delicious dinner. The table was ready when I woke up. A glass of white wine is ready, the bread, plateful of different cheese and scallops au beurre blanc et echalottes. It looks yummy isn’t it? It was yummy I’ll tell you and very easy to prepare. If you’re interested to have this recipe, lemme know and I’ll email it to you.

South Carolina's Most Beautiful Barrier Island

Do you guys know that there is a very beautiful place to relax in South Carolina? Hilton Head Island is the one that I’m talking here and this is SC’s most beatiful barrier that you’ll ever find there. Staying at this place will surely be considered as one of the most memorable vacation and holiday memories you’ll ever have. It’s a perfect place to be as an intimate getaway for you and for your lover or a family getaway maybe that allows anyone at all ages to relax and to enjoy the beatiful view and the beach. For Hilton Head rental if you wanna try this island, you may check and have a peek on their luxurious accommodations.

Dream Lingerie For This Month

Soon that I’ll be receiving my salary, I’m already thinking of purchasing a new lingerie for myself. I love lingeries very much and when I’m shopping, searching for a cute lingerie is something that’s easy for me to do instead of searching for beautiful bags and shoes. It has always been my weakness and everytime I see a new lingerie design at my favorite lingerie store, my eyeballs turn to hearts which simply means that I wanna grab those new designs instantly. Funny but true! I can’t wait to have my check!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Wanna try your luck by joining a contest online? Yes? You should check because they’ll be giving away huge prizes for the lucky winners. And yes, is a site that offers online contests from time to time. Every mondays, they’ll launch a new contest so everybody is very much welcome to join in. Once you’ll win, all the payments or prizes will be sent via paypal or they’ll mail you a check according to your preference. Not bad right? Take note, their prizes are really awesome because it’s possible for you to take home $200 and even more.

Sandara Park's First Break In Korea

Sandara Park finally gets her first ever break in Korea. She looks pretty in this video and she has a very flawless skin still. A friend of mine in Cebu saw her in person and she said that she's so payat but she really has a beautiful skin. Too bad because she didn't have too much offers in Philippines but it's nice to hear that her luck starts coming in now in Korea.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Newest Hip Hop Site In Town is the newest and coolest hip hop site in town right now. This site keeps us updated in the world of hip hop like the latest news, hottest music, gossip and so much more. If you want to know the hottest hip hop artists, albums or songs for this week, you should check then. So now, hip hop fanatics finally have the newest place to meet each other because of this site’s hip hop forums. To become a part of this community is absolutely free so sign up now hip hop lovers !

Pancit For Long Life

I've been craving this filipino pancit these last days. Eurasie is my favorite asian store here in Bordeaux but it's pricey there. I told hubby that I miss Eurasie already but I told him not to bother me or to say yes when I like something. Why? We're saving and as much as possible, I'd want that we won't be spending too much money starting this month. As I am craving for pancit and I've got all the ingredients that I need (even if I'm lazy to do it), I encouraged myself to move and to cook a pancit for myself in my own version. When done, hubby said that it's tasty. He even said that it's tastier compared to the noodles in Eurasie lolz. I know he was just making fun of me but I'm glad that he liked it.


Majority of us are dreaming to travel and explore the beauty of our world. Some people are very fortunate enough because they can travel to the places they’d love to visit anytime they want because they can afford it while the others cannot. People who can’t afford to travel (like me), the only way for us to do at the moment is to wish that maybe someday we’ll be able to travel once we’re able to save enough. On my part, I am glad that some travellers and vacationers share their travel experiences by posting several pictures of the different places they’ve visited. In this way, it feels like I am travelling with them as well because of the shots they took.

One of my favorite travel sites that I always visit is Why? It is because they are unique and they travel with style. Their site really speaks for themsevles as to where and how they travel. From the different pictures anyone will find here, you’ll really be able to see the unexpected because of the magnificent and beautiful architectures and amazing landscapes. At, you’ll never thought that something you’ll see at their site really exist. Just take a peek on this Floating snack bar that you’ll only find in Frankfurt, Germany. When the soil is dry, you’ll be thinking that it is an ordinary snack bar but when flood comes in, this snack bar turns to a floating snack bar and take note, it’s steel.


Monday, 17 March 2008

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Dreaming of having a credit card of your own but you can’t have one because you’ve got bad credit ? Worry no more my dear friend because can help you. This site is a leading comparison website for people with less-than-perfect credit rating. They offer credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit reports and credit repair. Their top 10 bad credit credit cards feature monthly reporting to big and famous credit bureaus and in that sense, this could help you to have a positive credit rating. Chek now!

Top Earner Once Again

Yehhhaaaaa! I am one of the top earners once again after posting 3 entries in my Chez Francine blog. That's the only blog I have so far that has the highest pr. This one and my Le bric à brac de Cherie blog, its 2 and 0. But it's very ok. I am not here for a contest or something. I am just enjoying the things I have and the opportunities that comes on my way. I'm just so thankful that my income for this month will be a little bit fine because of this posties. Congratulations to myself!

Bad Credit? Problem Solved!

Life is getting more and more expensive and that’s the fact. If you haven’t noticed, people with bad credit are rampantly increasing. I’ll difinitely understand that but you know what? Even if you are not rich enough and you belong in this kind of situation, it is possible for you to have a loan still. Life doesn’t end there you know and in every problem and bad situation like this, there’s always a solution and that’s absolutely true.

A friend of mine for example is very happy that bad credit loans exist. She has a good credit history but not his brother. They thought that his brother’s life is over because he applied for a loan many times already but the financial institutions always declined his application. She then told his brother to try because this company helps the people find the best credit that perfectly suits them according to their needs and lifestyle no matter how bad their credit is. Not bad right? He already consulted at this company and so far, the proposals are not bad at all.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Trade Show At Bordeaux Lac

There will be an upcoming trade show here very soon at Bordeaux Lac. It’s something that I always look forward because it is possible to see the different trade show booths coming from the different countries. The good thing about it is that it’s free so anyone is very much welcome to come inside. It’s possible to take some pictures and to try the different cuisines that are sold inside. If I remember well, last year’s theme was Middle East style and that trade show event was really a big success.

I'm Fattt??

A friend of mine told me that it seems like I’m gaining some weight eversince winter came in. What???? That was my very first reaction when I heard her comment. I wanna gain a few pounds of course but not that much. I wanna look a little bit firm instead of a skeleton in preparation for our belly dancing show this coming June. After hearing my friend’s comment, now I’m obsessed and is thinking of taking weight loss pills and to exercise more once again. I’m hoping that the next time she’ll see me, she’ll tell me that I am in a good shape already and has improved a lot.

Friday, 14 March 2008

FREE Insurance Quotes And Save

In foreign countries, home insurance is very important and is mandatory especially here in France. People give importance to their house because it is a very big investment for them and home insurance is a kind of protection for this property against unforseen events and it enables the homeowners to avoid any financial risks. That’s why if you don’t have any home insurance yet, it is better to get one immediately at You can request for a free and no-obligation Online insurance quotes here and you’ll be receiving 4 quotes from the top level insurance companies and agents. By having these quotes, you’ll be able to choose as to which insurance is perfect for your pocket. So whether you’re searching for an affordable life, car, home, health and business insurance, you’ll be able to have these quotes at

Crevettes Et La Môme For Friday Night

It's friday night once again. Hubby and I had a tasty buttered shrimps for dinner and filipino macarons for dessert. Would you believe that we were eating the shrimps using our hands/fingers instead of using knife and fork? I love to eat that way! It's something that I'm missing back home (in PI).

We were watching La Môme or La Vie En Rose avec Marion Cotillard (the latest best actress for both Oscar and Cesar Awards). It is a story based on real life of the very famous french singer Edith Piaf. Marion Cotillard really did the job very well. She looked incredible of her heavy make-up that you wouldn't be able to recognize that it's really her. I guess, you gals should watch it. Although I am not very much sure if you'd love it or not but it is a good film.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Shopping And Savings At

Easter is coming so fast and I haven’t shopped anything yet for my french family, friends and for myself. I’ve made my shopping list though so it is not really a big problem for me. I just shop online and wait for the items to be delivered here at home. Savings? I am saving a lot as well because of the different online shopping coupons I’ve got from I always purchase my online coupons at this store because they always have up to date and very interesting coupon codes all the time. Gap coupons and eBags coupons are always on my hand especially when I buy something for myself. I also have Dell Home coupons because hubby is a great gadget fanatic. A $140 savings if I’ll purchase this TomTom GPS (for hubby) is quite big already ha. See? That’s what I love about these online coupons because it allows me to save so much moolahh.

A Rose

I took this shot last week when hubby brought in a bouqet of beautiful flowers. I've been discovering and exploring the different modes of my camera and this was one of the shots I got. I just love roses very much and I first thought that I'll be able to take a good shot with this rose. This shot here is unedited ha except that I placed it inside a frame to make it prettier.

Gamble Safely!

Wanna play casino online but you don’t know which site is perfect for you and serious ? Why not try then ? At this site, you will find the complete list of the best online casino sites for you to choose from. These online casinos listed here were reviewed by the different players (both professionals and beginners) who have tried playing these online casinos. They rated these casinos based on the payout rates, graphics of the online games, sign up bonuses, speed, security and customer service. So the top online casino you’ll find at would simply mean that it is really the best online casino. So far, Slots Plus is on the very top list and it is followed by Casino tropez on the 2nd place and Vegas Casino Online on the 3rd place.

Well, I have nothing against when it comes to gambling but make sure that you are of legal age ok? I do think also that these establishments don't accept minors so to avoid any single problem, it is better to follow the law and the rules. Gamble safely then!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Un Calin S'il Te Plait!

Credit(s): Kristy Valshan

Oh la la! I have been a digiscrapping and Adobe addict eversince this week started. Today especially, I didn't even bother to listen my french cd (french conversation) or either to open my french books. I'm a digiscrapping addict now. All I want is to create and create more layouts and to explore Adobe even more. I'm loving it really! Hubby was teasing me with my job lastnight but I'm not giving up. It's part of learning and besides, nobody will ever improve without these mistakes right? Here's my latest layout. I love freebies and I've been searching for free layouots online. I'm the best when it comes to FREEBIES!!! lolz

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Links Around The World

Another linky love forwarded to me by my good friend Erra. I hope pagerank will be improving very soon because of the linkies love that has been surrounding in the blogging world these last months. Thanks for inviting me in Erra!


1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
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I'm inviting the following to join us here: Amor, Bheng, Ritchiela, Michelle, KC, and SexyMom. If you didn't yourself in the linkies above, grab this linky love and add your blogs in. Make sure to invite your friends too and keep this meme rolling.

My Latest Job

Pimples are gone lolz

You guys must be wondering why I haven't updated my blog here. It is because I am reviewing my french lessons once again and I am studying photography by myself. These 2 things are making me busy really. Would you imagine that my ears are focused on the cd's I played listening to french conversation (to practice my pronunciation and listening skills) while my eyes and hands are focused in adjusting the different pix I took as my trial and error. I'm loving this newest passion of mine and it's really keeping me busy. Hubby and I are both studying photography right now but he is more on the theory side for the mean time. I don't like theories and I prefer to keep my booty movin and apply the things directly on the pix instead of reading these whole bunches of books lolz. The picture of us (in Biarritz) was edited hehehe. I look pretty here because I did some magic on the pimples. I tell you, I am still struggling with my pimples and I am just smiling here that at least in my pix, I can do some magic hahahahaha.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Briefcase To Complete His Business Accessories

Because of hubby’s job, he has to always attend a meeting in Paris once in a month. At times like this, I am alone here at home and eat my breakfast and lunch toute seul. I don’t like it that much because it’s sad to eat alone and quite but we don’t have a choice. It’s his job so he has to do it. Hubby is very professional everytime he goes there in Paris. Sometimes, I do plan of purchasing this Zero Halliburton briefcase for him to complete his entire accessories. It is something that he lacks at the moment and having this kind of briefcase will make him look very handsome and very professional for sure. Oh yeah, I am a big maniac when it comes to that. A night before his flight, I tell him that he'll look very great by wearing this and that and so far he likes my tastes. Well, he should be. I just love him when I always see him handsome and good all the time.

Be My Own Boss

Once I am able to save enough money, I’d like to franchise a small business as my starting investment. I never imagine myself working for someone else’s business forever. I prefer to be my own boss and use my strategies in exploring and in developing my own business. I feel better imagining and working that way. I took business management when I was in college and I do believe that I’ll be good in this field. In that way, I’ll be able to apply the things I’ve learned from the school going to my business. I saw this site and it is pretty interesting for me because there are many companies here where it is possible to become a franchiser. Too bad because I don’t have the money right now for me to be able to make my dream come true.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

What's My Signature Makeup Look?

Your Makeup Look Is

Pale Lips with Big Eyes

A little classic, a little retro - you look fantastic in this high fashion look.

When I was still in PI, I am not into make-up that much because I was scared as to what people will be saying about me or how they find my make-up when I'm wearing them. Honestly, I am not an artist when it comes to it and make-up is my biggest weakness. My sister used to teased me that I don't do it well and this and that are too dark and etc. I'm learning a little bit eversince I got married and arrived here in this new place. I am not an expert still but I am improving and is not afraid to try the different make-up colors right now. And when it comes to maquillage (daily life), I prefer to have the natural look and long lashes all the time. Lip balm is very fine for me already as I have very dry lips especially during cold seasons.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Win This Fabulous Nintendo Wii

Internet is part of our life right now. Mostly of the things we do have always something to do with internet. Admit it my friends. We shop online, pay our bills online and communicate to our families and loved one’s online. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life without it because internet has helped me a lot in so many ways. It will be more interesting for me if there’s such an offer like Charter High Speed Internet For Life here in my area but unfortunately, we don’t have that here in France.

Why am I wishing that Charter High Speed Internet For Life exists here and what’s amazing about it? Simply because by bidding, you’ll have the chance to have a high speed internet connection for life without worrying your internet monthly bills at all. You hear it right my friends. Starting bid is as low as $10 only and auction will begin this coming March 12 of this year. But take note, you’ll qualify if you are from the area with Charter only. Once you’ll know the status of your area, register yourself at their site then for you to have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii too.

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! Winner will receive a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Newest Shot

This is one of my newest shots. I am really taking photography very seriously by using the very basic and simply software that I downloaded online. I long to be able to learn Adobe Photoshop in the near future but I am still saving for me to be able to have one. But so far, my pictures are getting better and better right? I mean they are not that bad at all. If you want to see the pictures I took using my new camera, you may check it on My Newest Passion and Let's Talk about Food entries.

OPC Antioxidant Health Drink

My aunts in PI have been using different supplements and they’ve been telling me as well to send them this opc antioxidant health drink. I’ll probably just order it online and have it delivered at their house instead of placing it inside the balikbayan box. She loves it very much because aside from the fact that it’s good for the health, it tastes good as well and is made of the finest herbal extracts like Grape seed, red wine, green tea and many others. She’s diabetic so a supplement with very low sugar content is good for her. I didn’t tell her yet that I’ll order this opc tonight at and for sure, she’ll be very surprise once it will be delivered next week.

Severe Body Pains

What a day I've got! I am suffering from a very painful stiff neck plus my throat is very painful too. I don't know why but the pain is really unbearable. At the belly dancing class I've got, ouff, I move like a piece of wood and the danseuse corrected me all the time of the way I moved. Huhuhuhu I was teasing my husband that maybe he did karate on me last night and it must be the reason why I'm suffering from this severe pain right now and he was just laughing. It's bizarre because I used this special cream last night for body pains and the pain I am experiencing right now is getting worst. I am like a robot maintenant :-(

Monday, 3 March 2008

Wise Investment

I am a type of a woman who is very much interested on having my own business. I do understand that starting your own business is very difficult and I do realize that. All the other kinds of investments are not so good and so far, I think that purchasing several silver bars as an investment is not bad at all. It is cheaper and affordable. If I can only afford and is rich, I’ll purchase gold and silver bars now at as my investments. What a dream right? All I know is that silver is always in-demand because it is very useful is many ways like for utensils or silverwares, for medical uses and many others.

Mahal Kita

I love this song very much especially when Maricris Garcia sings it. Regine sung it very well too! Everytime I hear this song when I'm watching Marimar thru youtube, oufff, I'll feel a special something. There's something with this song really. Hayyy, love is indeed in the air! This song is very perfect for lovers who are far from eachother.