Monday, 29 September 2008

Manic Monday #136

What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given?
- digital camera

Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far.
- most terrifying moment I guess was when I encountered this accident when I was 7 years old. I thought at that moment that it would be the end of my life.

One hot summer afternoon, while walking through a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. What would you do?
- go back at the shopping center and ask the accueil to page the owner that his/her dog is inside his/her car and is in desperate need of water.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bus For Sale

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Affordable Power Steering Racks

Affordable and high quality power steering rack can easily be ordered at They've got thousands of steering racks available for you no matter what your car is whether it's BMW, Audi, Ford, Ferrari, Lexus, Land Rover and many others. Items will be shipped the same day when you make your order plus all the items they're selling have a complete warranty. Good service isn't it? Have a look at their site now!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Cookies Recipes

Aren't those Christmas cookies yummy? For a diehard femme comme moi, I need cookies recipes and try it for myself at the kitchen instead of ordering it at the patisserie. Yehha! Now I'm a happy wife finally! I can serve it for hubby and friends and even sell it at my workplace. Great idea huh? Or maybe propose something at the supermarket if I could supply them my cookies à la Francine on a term basis. What do you guys think?

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Wines And Cheese

1 glass of wine and I'm already drunk. Yes! That's how fast I get drunk and it started last month when I've decided that I won't be drinking wines that much. 1 glass of wine a day is not bad at all and it's good for health but in our case, wines are always present for lunch and dinner. Why wines? White wine for aperitif (depending on what's for apero) and another wine (red or white) for dinner. It's much right? That's why we've been on a lilo mode for it. Of course it's present when eating dinner but lesser now compared before. We eat lesser cheese now as well as it's not good for the tummy and it's not good for me as well. Homeopathe warned me about it because it's not doing any good on my pimples. Grgrgrgrg camembert and chevre are my favorites but I have to follow and listen my doctor. Voila! That's the latest news here and I'm searching for dehumidifier online ^-^.

Visit and Discover Bordeaux

There was this very huge cruise ship here in Bordeaux last week. That was the very first time I saw something as huge as that and from the car, it's possible to see that it is one of the luxurious cruise ship. Why? It's possible to see that there were chefs running around and waiters were serving something, plus the hall was filled with a very nice and big chandelier as well. We're not that far when I took a look at this cruise ship. It may be a little bit cold here now but tourists keep on flocking in here in Bordeaux. Busy city indeed but I like it because there are many interesting things to see and the cafes are always vivants (alive). Bordeaux is one of the cruises destination I think. Normal because Bordeaux is the city where the best wines come from.

Visit St. Barts

St. Barts villa rentals is something that you've been thinking these last days? Worry no more because there are interesting offers that's available at It's a must-check because all best villas are only available here with full range of luxurious amenities that you deserve to have. It will surely be the best vacation you'll ever have once you'll be travelling in Carribean. The beaches are very lovable, the restaurants are world class and the place is pretty romantic. Have a look and you'll see what I'm trying to tell you guys here.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Are You Still Alive???

...of course yes! That's the question my friend asked me this afternoon when we're chatting ym. She said that she's been trying to look for me online but I'm nowhere to find ^-^. Friend, sorry but I'm really busy with my job. Honestly, I'm dead once home plus the house is keeping me busy as well. You know na I'm na big maniac when it comes to our home so no matter how tired I am, I really spend a time in doing something here at home instead of sleeping. And yes, I'm on a lilo mode now here in blogging. Though I still blog but it's lesser now compared before. Need to keepy my booty movin you know instead of begging for these opps. You know what I mean don't you? Buzz me once you're online and I'll keep in touch with you. I'm just right here searching for group health insurance.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Manic Monday #133

If you could choose only two movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
- A Walk To Remember & Message In The Bottle

What have you found to be the best way to relieve tension?
- shopping ^-^

If you went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming? Would you swim nude?
- ha? Never I've experienced it but I guess I'll nude swim if it's only hubby and me in the place and it's privately for us.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac In Danger

I'm not really into business stuffs like the stocks and bonds subject but because of hubby's alternative income, I'm learning something from him in some ways.

Today for example, it's everywhere on the tv that 2 biggest names of mortgage companies are in big trouble. I'm referring to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac companies. As always, when something happens in US, everything is always affected and that would mean that goods and commodities will be increasing once again and thousands of people will be loosing their job. Economy isn't that really good since last year and this year too though, dollar rate keeps on decreasing since last year but in my own opinion, it doesn't change anything. What I'm trying to say is that it is good of course because the buying power for dollar is interesting but still, everything is expensive. As a person who sends something in my homeland, it's not good for me at all because I have to send more as the dollar rate is very low for me and yet, prices for rice and other stuffs are getting more and more expensive and there's no salary increase for the employees. You know what I'm trying to say here right?

Friday, 5 September 2008

The World

What a day! It’s raining and cold outside and yet, it’s summer time still. I’ve seen several documentaries these last days and all of these documentaries are all related to our mother nature and environment. It has been said that our nature is getting worst that’s why, more and more animals are dying especially in the North Pole and more and more unexpected things are coming like tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hurricane and so much more. Ice in the North Pole are melting and the animals living there will be in great danger once everything totally melts there and soon they’ll become endangered species. How will our children see these species if soon these animals be gone? That’s the question I always asked to myself.

Okay, I know I sounded too serious but I just can’t help myself. I wanted to make a difference but it’s not enough to save our nature. Have to look for North Carolina health insurance now before I’ll be posting a very long post here.

Instant People Search

Now that everything is run by computer and internet, yellowpage directories provided by the phone companies are very rarely used especially in rich countries. Even here at home, phone companies still distribute phone directories to the people around but it goes directly at the trash can. People here don’t find it very convenient and instead, they use People Search sites because it’s faster, simple, easy and all the infos are instantly available in less than 1 minute. Believe it or not, arier plan and even 3D view are even available. No wonder why more and more people prefer to do it online.

Friday 5 : Orange

What’s your favorite orange-colored food?
- oranges

What’s the best way to drink orange juice?
- with a straw :-)

Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best?
-hmmmm I'm not so much into candies

What are your feelings about orange soda?
- nothing special. I don't drink soda but I guess it tastes good

When did you last wear an orange item of clothing?
- oufff! orange as in orange??? never I guess but my wedding gown has some orange prints (small one's)

Be Aware!

Ladies, be aware and protect yourself and your daughters against those sexual predators. Better to do it than to regret later and become one of their victims. It’s never too late though and if we act together, we can make things happen and make a difference. Get the complete Sexual Predator List in your area and have the access by using All the infos you’ll be needing are available here and by that, you’ll be aware who these maniacs are and will be able to protect yourself against the possible danger that may happen. Do it ladies!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

TMI Tuesday 149- When you wish upon a star edition

What is the one thing you would change about your body?
- hmmmm my boobs hehehe. They're small and I wanted to have big one's. Not so big ha like melons (don't like that) but just the right sizes that are pretty good enough when wearing low-cut tops and bathing suits.

What is the one personality trait you would change?
- hmmmm lazy. That has changed this month when I started working this month.

What is the one thing about your job you would change?
- my present job? Would love to have somebody to help me lolz

What is the one thing about your home you would change?
- hmmmm, nothing

What is the one thing about your Significant Other you would change?
- how I wish he'll cooperate and will be willing to wake up very early in the morning to drop me off going to my work like the way my friend's husband do. That's what I don't like about him coz he just tell me that it's my choice to work so I have to stand for it. Oh yeah, have to stand for it and I'm not quitting even if I have to wake up 4:30 in the morning everyday. Anway, it's my own business and my choice.

Who is the one person you would poof out of your life and why?
- Secret

Who is the one person you would poof back in and why?
- I'd rather keep that as a secret

Monday, 1 September 2008

My Pasalubong

Yehhhhaaaaa! It's really nice to have many friends in this world, right? Blogging has allowed me to meet many friends coming from the different countries of the world and I am just so happy that because of them, I have gained more friends and never felt alone in this foreign land. Unbelievable because all these pinays (now in france) are my phonemates now ^-^. We talked for an hour and even more and sometimes, our conversation ended because the telephone doesn't have enough battery anymore.

Anyway, my very good friend Amy Kalidadis sent me these :-). I was jumping when I opened the pouch because this is the kind of dried fish that I love to eat. We used to ate it when I was still in PI plus the pinoy sawsawan with tomatoes and onions..Rgrgrg super yummy! Thanks Amy! I'm sending you something as well :-)