Saturday, 16 January 2010

Furnace Filter

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

HGH Supplement

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Hemorrhoid Treatment

Sissy just sent me an offline message saying that her hemorrhoid on her chest is getting bigger and bigger. I have no single idea how big it is right now but when I left in PI last year, I can say that it's quite big already. She had her treatment and her doctor injected her something to make this hemorrhoid smaller until it disappears but it's kinda pricey. I just did a research about it few minutes ago and found this hemorrhoid treatment site. I might tell her about and the medicines too. If you have hemorrhoid and wanna get rid of it, click here to learn more and maybe, these treatments will work for you.

Acne Again

Acne has been my problem eversince I came here. It disappeared when I got pregnant and I'm telling you, I was really acne free at that time. Now, it's coming back once again grgrgrgr. I don't know if it's because of the sleepless nights I have, stress and fatigue or because of the chocolates but yes, I have 1 neck acne and another one on my chin. It's disappointing to see it all over again.

Addiction Of Mine

Jezzz, I just can't control myself everytime I see bags. I'll admit it, I'm a certified bag addict and collector eversince. I did made a promise earlier this month that I'm going to control my cravings when it comes to it but huhuhuhu, it's hard to stop it huh. Yesterday, I bought this bag once again from Faye. I've been thinking of buying a bigger LV bag but since I can't afford it at the moment, I thought that this model above isn't bad at all. I can place my vanities inside plus Raphael's things as well instead of bringing 2 bags (that's what I do at the moment). It's a big hassle for me and hubby carrying too many stuffs at the same time. Isn't it?

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Unwanted Fats

Start the year 2010 right by taking one's New Year's resolution seriously. Well, I'm going to say that I broke some of my resolutions but not all yet. In fact yesterday, I started doing my exercise here at home because I really wanna get rid of belly fat after my pregnancy. My aim? Is to lose at least 5 kilos for this month. Well I achieve this goal? I'm hoping and I hope I'll really will because my entire jeans won't fit me anymore :-((.

Colon Cleaning

Being a health conscious person isn't bad at all. In fact, I find it good instead especially if you really take the time and is watchful of the oral intake you do every single time. As what they have said, health is wealth and it is the only treasure we have as a person and is the most important too before anything else. For your daily routine, start your day by taking a herbal colon cleansing product and cleanse your colon in a natural and safety way. You'll be surprise with the results I'm telling you.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Orlando Vacation Rentals

Hey guys, there are interesting orlando vacation rentals deals now that you'll find at That is, if you're planning of visiting Orlando in the next weeks or if you're planning of bringing your family and kids in US for this winter season. What I find very interesting is this newly remodeled suities that's absolutely near Disney. This deal is very eye-catching really. Check the site for you to find out why I chose this.

Manic Monday 196

What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
- just one thing? Hmm that sounds difficult.. Physically, that will be my tummy because it isn't flat yet after I gave birth to my son last month. For my skills, hmmm leadership skills. I have this skill but laziness eats me all the time. Sometimes, I do think of taking Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
- yeah and we can't control whatever is going to happen in the next days or in the future.

What would be your dream job?
- I'm dreaming of becoming the best mom in the world

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Things Change

Life has indeed changed after giving birth to my son. I just realized that now because a lot of things have really changed and it's something that's absolutely new to me. Aside from the number of sleepless nights I had and will have, carrying a lot of things when going out are kinda new to me as well. We have to bring this and that to really make sure that my son is equipped with all the things he needs. Bags here and there...oufff! Will have to include medical travel bag as well with us very soon just incase of emergency or incase he gets sick. Better to be prepared than nothing kumbaga.