Thursday, 25 February 2010


Have you tried any of the hair supplements in the market? How does it work? Is it efficient and effective? I'm curious about it because I've heard many advertisements about this subject coming from everywhere. From the reviews, women said that they're tangle-free now and their hairs are stronger than before.

Spacious Entertainment Room

Ok! Ok! To have a separate and spacious entertainment room is one of my personal dreams incase I'll be lucky enough to win euro lotto. How I wish that will happen very soon. But seriously yes, I really want a nice entertainment room that's equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and accossories just like the one I saw at the magazine. I already have a theme for it though, the design and how will the arrangements be for this special room. For the home theater entertainment centers and accessories, I'll purchase it at of course.

They Sold It!!

How I wish I could send my loved one's an epson receipt printer but sad to say, it's not going to happen and it won't be useful for them anymore because they sold the laptop I gave them. I'm disappointed because it took me years of savings and hardworking in order to have it and yet for them, it's too easy for them to dispose it off without even thinking the sentimental value I have for it. Seriously, they really broke my heart because of this bad action of them and I don't think I'll be able to forgive them.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Uploaded It Finally

Ouff! I've been trying to upload this video for several days already but the file is too big so I have to edit it from time to time. Finally, I did it!

This was one of the performances of our show last year. Aren't they so graceful? I'm really hoping to dance and move just like them but goodness, it's too difficult and it will take years for me to succeed so NEVER MIND. That's what it is here when women do this kind of hobby, they aren't afraid to show off their flesh and are really willing to spend their fortune to have the accessories at hand especially the one's that comes from Egypt. For shows like this, ladies are absolutely willing to spend 300-1000+ € for a costume. Oh well, don't have that budget.

Don't you find the 4 ladies tiny and sexy? Goodness, I'm really hoping to loose these belly fats I have. Sometimes, I'm desperate for a quick weight loss change that happens overnight hahaha.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hair Loss Treatment?

Can't understand why this one person I know is lossing her hair at a very young age. Will keep her name private as this topic is quite confidential. She has tried many products already and even checked a doctor but there's no changes at all. She's not bald of course but she's always wearing something on her as she's ashame of this problem of hers. Does any of you knows an efficient and effective hair loss treatment? Would like to help her but I know nothing about and even if I'm going to research it over the net, I have no single idea also which one is effective and which one is not.

Acne Treatment

Acne has always been a very big problem for adolescents and even adults. Sometimes, finding the an adult adult acne treatment is very difficult because there are hundreds of products anywhere and some people will advice you to have this and that because it's effective even if it's not. Well, admit it or not but this happens in real life. The best thing there before anything else is to look for a very good dermatologist of course. Ask your friends and neighbors if they could recommend you a very reputable and good dermatologist. I'm telling you, doing this is good because you can be sure that every penny you're spending is all worth for it.

The top-rated and best weight loss supplements are available at From here, you can choose any of the hottest weight loss supplements that you'll never find anywhere else and pay your order either by paypal, Visa, Mastercard and even with your American express card too. You are rest assured that any of these supplements are real and efficient because this online store offers 30 days money back guarantee on all purchases.

Fully Recovered

Depression first ate me after giving birth to my son. One of the reasons was because I was very tired and had sleepless nights all the time. Some reasons were because of hormonal changes, me alone here without no one in my family beside me and being far away from me, plus the differences of life here and in my homeland. It was not easy at all and even thought of searching for a depression treatment but then, my doctor told me that all these experiences are new to me so it's absolutely normal that I'd cracked up sometimes. Looking back all those situations made me laugh how dramatic I was but I feel better now and have fully recovered. I guess my hormones are already back to normal.

Natural Ingredients

I feel good and relaxed after my facial and body scrub yesterday at the hotel. I feel young all over again and is able to charge up too. Hubby took good care of my son so I'm thankful to him because of the patience he always has. The lady who was with me at the cabin did explained me that I shouldn't be using so many products at the same especially for a foreigner like me living in their foreign land. Temperature, humidity and weather are different compared to my homeland and my skin needs products that are made of natural ingredients. I do know that there are tons of acne solutions out there but seriously, I'm thankful that acne doesn't show up till now so I'm very careful right now of the cream, astringent, facial wash and even make-ups that I use.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Steve Jobs

Apple's latest creation which is iPad received many positive and negative publicity these last days. Some were making fun of it while the others believe that this gadget will be the newest trend once again. From the magazine I read, journalists said that Apple's success all relies to Steve Jobs, the guy behind Mac, ipods, iphones & ipads. They all think that once this guy will die, Apple company will die as well. Reading the entire article made me realized that this guys is really a genius. I have an iPhone as well and I'm going to admit that this light gadget really makes my daily life easier and everywhere I go. The different apps are very interesting.