Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ventes & Commandes des Cupcakes sur Bordeaux

Vous êtes cupcakes lover sur Bordeaux? Good news!vous pouvez maintenant commander vos cupcakes pour n’importe qu’ils célébrations comme mariage, baptême, anniversaire, enterrement de vie de jeune fille et etc. Et pourquoi ne pas offrir quelqu’un des cupcakes personnalisés de votre choix? On utilise que les ingrédients bio et respecte l’histoire de cupcake. Et bien sûre le glaçage est traditionnel avec un touche américaine: un mélange de sucre glace, de beurre, d’arômes, le tout fouetté suffisamment longtemps pour donner une consistance légère, aérienne plus le topping de votre choix. Donc, n’hésitez pas de contacter Sweets For My Sweets pour tous les infos, questions, commandes sur Bordeaux, Le Bouscat, Cauderan, Eysines etc. Livrason gratuite autour de Bordeaux (-10 km) & 5 € pour toute livraison hors centre-ville.

Sweets For My Sweets Bordeaux Cupcakes

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Saturday 9: Moves Like Jagger

1. Who makes the best moves in your life?
- I like the one with Angelina Jolie

2. Tell us about a time where you had to be selfish with your time, and felt guilty about it (whether it was time taken from your children or a significant other.
- one time i went out for a dinner with my ladyfriends and we watched a movie right after. i felt guilty during that time while i was out coz hubby had been waiting to watch that movie also but because we can't go together, he had to let me go out with friends and he took care of our son

3. Do you feel that you can create more sex appeal or that it's just a given?
- it's just given i guess. i always try to have a sex appeal but it doesn't work

4. Do your religious beliefs really influence your behavior?
- hmmmm no
5. Do you feel there are some things in a significant other that you can't change because of their sex?
- no, each individual is unique and different and i know my significant other before tying the knot so i accepted him for who he is and what he is, no need to change him

6. Do you see a younger less secure person when you gaze in the mirror?
- not all the time. depends if my days are up or down

7. If you have ever been pregnant, or have been with a woman who was, how did effect your sex life?
- hmmmmm

8. What would you like to work on to become a better person?
- each experience i have always makes me better and better. im not perfect but i wanna be the best mom for my son.

9. When did you think that you understood the sacrifices that people in the military make on behalf of their country?
- i salute them honestly speaking. leaving their beloved families and friends just to give us all peace is really something that's amazing. they have no idea if they'll be coming back home dead or alive but they aren't afraid to do their tasks. thinking of that makes me cry.

Have a nice weekend ahead everyone. I'm off to look for best overnight diapers online. We'll be attending a friend's baby shower next week.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Strange Summer

Because the weather has been very bad these last days and it has been raining also and cold. Imagine, it's summer time and we have to wear boots and a jacket? Unbelievable! Good thing I haven't planted any flowers yet in the pots that I bought last month or else, all my flowers would be dead by now. For my outdoor furnitures, yes, all of them are dirty. I have to clean my rustic tables once the weather will be good and invite friends to come over for dinner or have a tea time. I'm missing the sun, doing a barbecue and just eat outside.

Friday Fill-In July 7,2012

1. I am happy to spend quality time with friends before vacation!

2. Mango & aubergine are my favorite summertime fruits and vegetables.

3. To help me the entire world what's making me happy, I'll surely be very proud to tell you what it is and share this passion of mine.

4. Sunbathing is the one thing I want to do this summer more than anything!

5. Just the other day I was saying that I won't buy a manual mower, voila, I just ate my words today.

6. Stop making a promise over and over again.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watch a late serie with hubby at the couch, tomorrow my plans include spend quality time with my boys (hubby & my son) and Sunday, I want to go at the center and have coffee!