Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'll Seriously Get It

To get a phone booster very soon and I need it badly. It will be very useful for me as I don't always bring my lappy with me when we're on vacation. I always use my phone to check my mails online and my blogs but I noticed that even here in France, there are areas where signal is very weak. It's disappointing especially when I have important things to do. Grgrgr

Better Communication

..with my family. I am able to do audio teleconferencing with them now when our scheds meet and web chat too. Mom is very happy when she sees my son roaming around the house especially when Raphaël does faces infront of the cam. How time flies and I'm missing them all. I'm hoping to come back home this year and hopefully my son will be celebrating his birthday there as well. Be able to bond with everyone, with his cousins, and have a nice kiddie party. True that I always organize a party for him here at home but party in PI is still the best, affordable and a dream come true.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Another Eman Costume

I bought another Eman Zaki costume weeks ago and I love how it is. The fitting is absolutely right to my measurements, it feels so comfortable when wearing it and it's just perfect. Eman Zaki is one of my favorite egyptian designers. Simplissime style and that's how my style is. For us dancers, each costume reflects to the personality of a person. I prefer simple style and not so much bling blings. I like mermaid style skirts in general because it gives shape when turning and it shows every single details of the movements when dancing. Though I was hesitant at first because of the color but I finally love it and consider it as one of my favorite costumes. Oh well, time for lab furnaces now.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mission: Redecoration

This is how our 2nd room/office room looks like. So messy because of me. I've been saying that I'm going to redecorate this room to give it a life but until now, I still don't manage to do it. Soooo lazy! Hubby's complaining because the table is full of so many stuffs coming from me of course plus, I do my maquillage here too. At tne end of the day, table turns out to be dirty with make-up marks. I'll change our office table. That's the promise I made for myself but for the moment, I'm earning my energy for a super make-over for this room. Wish me luck for that.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Finally Have It

I've been so strange since February came in. Even my friends at the school found me really kikay. Mostly of them have said that I have changed coz I always have my make-up on like a pro with false lashes and I am more fashionable now. Is it for the good or for the worst? Hubby said it's for the worst side coz I'm spending a lot lolz. But seriously, I've been dying to have these palettes for a long time already and I finally have it. Honestly, I feel very happy and a new person everytime I hold my brushes and play with the colors. No idea why though. The same thing for clothes. I love solid and bold colors now. Will be posting for more photos in the next couple of weeks coz I haven't uploaded yet the pics in my pc. For the mean time, I'm eyeing for accessories like pandora beads. Of course, fashion won't be complete without accessories.