Friday, 2 March 2012

Finally Have It

I've been so strange since February came in. Even my friends at the school found me really kikay. Mostly of them have said that I have changed coz I always have my make-up on like a pro with false lashes and I am more fashionable now. Is it for the good or for the worst? Hubby said it's for the worst side coz I'm spending a lot lolz. But seriously, I've been dying to have these palettes for a long time already and I finally have it. Honestly, I feel very happy and a new person everytime I hold my brushes and play with the colors. No idea why though. The same thing for clothes. I love solid and bold colors now. Will be posting for more photos in the next couple of weeks coz I haven't uploaded yet the pics in my pc. For the mean time, I'm eyeing for accessories like pandora beads. Of course, fashion won't be complete without accessories.

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