Monday, 25 October 2010

No Souvenir From Them

If there's one thing that I regret last weekend, that will be not to have even just a pic of me with Yasmina and Magdy. Huhuhu I made this opportunity passed out. I did enjoyed the training I had with them together with the other students but huhuhuhu I'll be happier if I had a souvenir of them. How I wish I could turn back the time. I was in a hurry last saturday so I forgot to do this one plus a friend had been calling me to go at bio store nearby for me to buy her diet pills that work that she saw online. Well, past is past but I'll surely visit their places and undergo another training with them once I'll go in Egypt. That's part of my agenda already.

For Her Supposedly

Hayyy, Christmas is coming again. My bank account is 0. Zero as in 0. Believe it or not but I'm telling you the truth. Babies stuffs are extremely expensive here and Raphaël has to change his things every season. Ouff! No choice! I was supposed to offer somebody this anti wrinkle treatment that I know but offered her something instead. I'll just get her that one soon once I'm got extra penny.

His Answer?

Hubby is not a materialistic type of a guy. He is contented of what he has and doesn't buy things that he doesn't really need. Sometimes, I even brought him at the men's clothing department store and offered to buy him nice pair of jeans and pull overs. His answer? "Keep your money, I don't need it at the moment". Yeah, that's how he is especially if he wants to buy a new camera or lens or watch. I do buy him stuffs when I have extra money of course. Not only for special celebrations.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Acne Free

Oh yes! Oh yes! I'm acne free right now yehhhaaaaaaaa! This calls for a celebration and a big party. Finally, problem solved. This was my biggest problem for 3 years eversince 2007. My goodness, if only I knew that Belo will be the only solution to my problem, I should have done it before. Well, it's never too late and there's always a time for everything. Now, I'm still using this best acne product and used sun block that I got for her. She said that my skin is type 5 and europeans have skin type 2.

Do best diet supplements exist? Yes and you'll find them at Supplements that you'll find here are both for men and women and they've got the cheapest products compared to anywhere else. One good thing also is that they have this money back guarantee and will refund the entire purchasing price right away ifever you're not happy with the product you bought. Not bad right? No. 1 in the list is the Diet Pill for Men and is then followed by Diet Pill for Women.

Compliments I Got

Goodness! It feels so good when somebody tells you how good you look and that you look younger compared to the last time they saw you. These were the compliments I got from friends that I met last June. They said, I really lost a lot of weight and I look really younger compared before. Do I look old before? Hahahaha. But seriously, I really take it seriously my goal of loosing weight eversince we arrived home from our vacay in Pinas. I immediately enrolled myself at the nearby fitness gym and exercise for at least an hour minimum per day. I go to the gym 4x in a week and do my bellydancing 3x in a week. So everyday, I'm busy and have something to do when hubby's at home. Aside from that, I'm kinda kikay right now and really give myself the time to use antiaging product, polish my nails, do my hot oil and etc. I'm not getting any younger you know and years from now, no longer possible to find my age in the calendar hahahaha.

Monday, 11 October 2010

King Crab Legs In Garlic & Butter Sauce

I'm in the mood to cook again and to try these crab legs for dinner. Actually, that was supposed to be for lunch today but hubby couldn't resist it and begged me to serve it for dinner (lastnight). Because of that, I decided to cooked it and to grant his request. He was smiling and was saying yummy many times. The recipe is very simple and fast to do especially for mommies who are always on the go. Seriously, Julie and Julia film inpires me my cooking mood. Now, I cook 2 times per day so the ref is always full. Searching for Samsung items comes after cooking :-).

Very, Very

Do you have an idea what's in my mind right at this very moment? I'm thinking of purchasing epson receipt printer for my biz. Not all my clients are very, very ha but several yes. Some of them would really ask me to give them a receipt to make the transaction official even if I told them a thousand times that I don't have a boutique and I only sell my stuffs online. Still, they don't understand about it. But anyways, yes, this is something that I'm thinking about it but hmmmm, I'll think about it if it's really worth an investment.

Payday Loans To The Rescue

Haven't you noticed that it's very easy to spend the money and it's very long to have it on hand? Waiting period for the salary is too long also. You'll be lucky enough if you receive your salary every saturdays but here, payday falls at the end of the month. So one has to really budget wisely and sets aside a money just incase for emergency. If not, the only choice will be payday loans. Of course this is always on the rescue in times of hardships. Is it easy to apply? Actually yes. Mostly of the agencies offers this kind of service online and one will just have to fill up their online form and that's it. The agency will then contact you the details and the docs to submit and that's all.

Monday, 4 October 2010

I Love It!

It's monday and it's definitely automn here. Raining and leaves start to change their color. I love it and it's my favorite season of the year. I just find automn a romantic season. One thing I'm loving also is that we can now wear our pair of boots and layer our clothes. Coats out also. Yes! I love automn-winter fashion. It's changing every year and never boring. Ohh! We'll be watching a bellydancing grand show here by October 22 or 23 I think and I'll be getting Taylor Swift tickets for a friend.