Monday, 30 March 2009

Will Do It Again

Oufff! I feel so heavy this morning when waking up. I guess my digestion wasn't that really good after the dinner I had last night at the resto. After drinking a tea, I thought of purchasing diet pills coz I really feel heavy and fat even if I'm not. Oh yesterday, I went out alone with someone (not my husband). Had a fantastic night and had a dinner in one of the good restos here in Bordeaux. Too bad I can't post any photos as I was/we were shy to take any pictures inside the resto. The clients were very frenchies, they kept on talking and talking while enjoying their food and no single customer took a picture or something. In short, we didn't have the guts to take out our camera as nobody's doing it so we were just enjoying the food as well. The menus were quite pricey but it was worth it really. The presentation, the location, the service and everything are really 5 stars for me.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Questions of the Week #51

1. How’s the week going on so far?
- as usual, busy week for me coz had to do a lot of memorizing and reorganizing.
2. Would you rather love or be loved?
- both. I prefer it that way
3. How do you feel when you hear a friend completely butchering a story?
- honestly, when I sense that a friend's story starts to be a little bit "I have this and that" and I don't have the chance to talk about myself or voice out my opinion, I just pretend thatIi'm listening but I don't
4. If you could have a recorder which would make a DVD or video tape of your dreams, would you use it?
- I'll definitely use it
5. Have you ever had a dream about being a place you’ve never been, and days or years later, you end up there?
- hmmm no
6. Do you sit at your computer and eat snacks and have refreshments to drink?
- hahah funny but yes
7. Which is more true: everything matters or nothing matters?
- everything matters
8. What was the last thing you gave up on?
- a job offer
9. Can the love of a person really make you change?
- I guess yes
10. Any plans for the weekend yet?
- this coming weekend will be a lazy weekend for me I guess coz it will be a little bit cold compared these last days. We'll be doing our grocery, attend my bellydancing class and work.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Manic Monday #160

Do you screen your phone calls?
- sometimes

When was the last time you lost your temper?
- oh la! That was 2 weeks or a month ago I guess when I was really feed up on something.

When you're lost, do you ask for directions?
- yes I do as I don't bring a map with me all the time. Or sometimes, I go at the tourist office and ask them for more infos

Friday, 20 March 2009


1. Why do we have to eat 3 times in a day?

2. Eating chips and tortillas everyday are now habits.

3. I have a new salsa pants but it's big on me.

4. I had never heard the phrase "we daret el ayam by oum kalthoum" and it is driving me crazy what it means in english or in french (have to research it though).

5. I'm cleaning the small messes the way I always do.

6. How as I to know that the circular skirt I made has to be redone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward for our voile lesson, tomorrow my plans include going at the beach and Sunday, I want to hire somebody who'll do the ironing!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Gold Investment

Do you guys have any idea how much gold is at the moment? I actually hear it from hubby and other frenchies that the value of gold is getting higher and higher and they even think that gold investment will be a very good idea all the time. Well, if I can afford and is rich enough, I'll surely try it out. Gold for me is multipurpose because it can be converted into many things such as jewelries, coins and many other things. One will surely become richer if he/she has this kind of investment. It's very international as investors coming from the different countries of the world are interested in purchasing it or in owning it especially if you'll find a very good gold dealer.

My Very Own Crispy, Juicy Fried Chicken

That fried chicken above is not from KFC at all. I'm very proud to say that I did it all by myself. My secret? I used DEL MONTE FRIED CHICKEN MIXES :-). First time I tried it actually and it's a dream come true for me when I saw and tasted how my chicken was. Hubby, himself, even said that it was the tastiest chicken he ever tried together with the gravy. This fried chicken mix has everything. There are 4 pouches inside, one each for marinade, batter, breading and gravy. Your chicken will be very juicy after cutting it and it's crispy too. You guys should try it. Haaay, now I'm missing fried chicken.

My Wedding Stuffs

Bridal Shot

I am browsing my laptop and is checking my photo compilations. I didn't even recognize that I had this shot after our wedding hahaha. Funny me! Actually, a pose or a shot like this must be taken before the bride walk down the aisle but on my part, I had this shot a night after the wedding. Confusing no? Well, I was very busy that day taking good care of so many stuffs plus mostly of my guests arrived at the resort that same day of my wedding. I remember that I even woke up at 6 in the morning that day, had my manicure and pedicure done then immediately worked on the tiny details of the decorations, music band and etc.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Notebook's Monster Noise

My notebook is acting crazy once again these last days. When I turn it on, there's this monster noise I hear and my monitor is all in black. As in I can't see the files and the different icons even my wallpaper. It's stupid especially when I'm watching a film and I'm in the middle of the process. Don't know if notebook memory upgrade will be a good idea or if better to buy a new one. Notebooks are quite cheap now at FNAC and are very tiny that I can bring it anywhere I go especially when travelling as it will even fit inside my LV bag. Have to look for a technician first before hopping to this idea.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Questions of the Week #49

1. Tell me, are you feeling lucky this week?
- not really. I'll consider myself very lucky if my numbers will hit the jackpot price of France lotto
2. Are you good at figuring out when you just shouldn’t say anything?
- I try to be coz sometimes I'm really tactless
3. While using someone else’s bathroom, have you ever looked inside their medicine/toiletries cabinet?
- nope. I don't really care about it except to check the names of the perfumes inside their cabinets shhhh
4. If you accidentally walked out of a shop with an item you haven’t paid for, would you return to pay for it?
- if the shop is near at home yes, if not, hehehhe I'll just do it next time
5. Do you think combining as many uses into one is cost affective?
- no
6. Do you always get what you wish for?
- not really
7. Can you talk and type at the same time?
- yes :-)
8. Whats the worst thing a man can say to a women during labor?
- I guess if a guys says that pain will soon disappear
9. If you are in your shower and someone flushes the toilet, what happens?
- i'll just hear the water flowing hahaha. Our shower room and toilet room are separate from each other.
10. What would you like to do for your 15 minutes of fame?
- I'd take the opportunity to meet Celine Dion, Oprah, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Waiting & Waiting

My cousin got married to an american guy and had her wedding in Cebu. They submitted their papers already for her to be able to have her visa but unfortunately, she's still waiting for the news. She told me that they hired 2 immigration lawyers and paid more than 100K+ for each. Oh la la! That's a big amount of money. I have nothing against it since her guy can afford it but for me, they could have save their money and their time.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Manic Monday# 157

If I was a car, I'd be: an Audi car ^-^. Libre ang pangarap di ba kaya here I am dreaming of this car

If I was a drink, I'd be: a fresh mango juice. It's healthy and will keep you refresh especially that summer will soon be coming

If I was emotion, I'd be: no other than but LOVE - love can do miracles and can really move mountains. Do you agree on this folks?

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Raptiva Can Cause Brain Infections

Health is always a wealth for everyone no matter what their standing of living is in real life. For us, it's our number one investment because medications and hospitalization are really expensive especially at this time of financial crisis. As a meticous housewife and a woman of this house , I'm going to admit that I check everything first especially when it comes to medicines.

Speaking about health and the latest news about it, I just found out from this site that Raptiva may put one's life in danger or at risks if you're using it. Immediately stop it and ask your family doctor or generalist to change it. Why? Let's just say that U.S Food and Drug Administration is investigating it and said that this drug can cause a serious brain infection called Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy or the so-called Raptiva PML. This is a very serious subject and you must give an eye to the drugs you have there at home if you have it. I've heard that 3 out of 4 patients are now dead because of Raptiva. Though they said that your money will be refunded or you'll be entitled to financial compensation for everything including medical bills, pain and suffering and other possible damages if your beloved family member suffered an injury because Raptiva. But for me, it's not the money that counts but the health condition of the person. So as much as possible, stop using Raptiva and be aware of the medications you're taking or you buy at the pharmacy. Make a research if that medicines you have will do good in your life. If you need help regarding this matter, I'll recommend you to contact Mark & Associates, P.C. because this office can and will help you. This firm is composed of dedicated people who'll help patients or people who are injured by dangerous drugs such Raptiva. Call them at 1-866-50-RIGHTS (1-866-507-4448).