Monday, 30 March 2009

Will Do It Again

Oufff! I feel so heavy this morning when waking up. I guess my digestion wasn't that really good after the dinner I had last night at the resto. After drinking a tea, I thought of purchasing diet pills coz I really feel heavy and fat even if I'm not. Oh yesterday, I went out alone with someone (not my husband). Had a fantastic night and had a dinner in one of the good restos here in Bordeaux. Too bad I can't post any photos as I was/we were shy to take any pictures inside the resto. The clients were very frenchies, they kept on talking and talking while enjoying their food and no single customer took a picture or something. In short, we didn't have the guts to take out our camera as nobody's doing it so we were just enjoying the food as well. The menus were quite pricey but it was worth it really. The presentation, the location, the service and everything are really 5 stars for me.

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