Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Days Off

I have 2 days day off then no work again for me for the weekend. Isn't that wonderful? I love it! I worked overtime these past few weeks coz my work needed me badly. I accepted it of course without any hesitation :-). Well, day off for me is simply a day for my 2 boys (hubby & son). We woke up late this morning (it's my son's vacation at the moment so no school and hubby is on sick leave) and just watched a movie at the living room right after. Simple things that binds us together then we spent our time for our son. I guess I am at the point of my life now where I only enjoy stuffs. I don't ask nor seek that I should be going somewhere for a short vacation and shopping and etc., at this moment, I prefer to spend quality time with my family and people that matters to me. We prefer to simply eat somewhere and just enjoy the time we have and the availability of everyone. Hubby even asked me what I want for our wedding anniversary next month. My answer, nothing because I already have everything that I want and dreamt of for a long time. Does it mean that I'm now boring? Hahahaha sometimes I do ask myself that question. That's what they call maturity but I'm not menopausal hein? 

Gotta go people to accompany someone for seagull entourage rustic cw qit acoustic-electric guitar rustic later this afternoon.