Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A Glass Of Wine Per Day

Have I told you gals that I’m starting to love French wines now? Well, why not? I am happily married to a guy from France. We all know that France is a country where you’ll find one of the famous and best wines in the world especially in the area of Bordeaux. And as we are presently residing in this area, I dream to have our own wine cellar at home. To have my own wine rack is very important and I’ve been browsing many websites already where it is possible to buy a very good Wine Rack at a very affordable price. I found all the items that I like at

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But anyway, meal is incomplete at home without a glass of red wine, white wine or pink wine. Hubby is an expert when it comes to this field. And besides, we all know that a glass of wine per day is good for the health. Do do you agree?

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Raining And Wet

It’s been raining here these last days. We couldn’t move and I couldn’t take any good and nice pictures because the weather is dull and fuggy. Even if we like to explore the island but the only thing we can do here is eat, sleep, watch tv and sleep, sleep and sleep. Yes, too bad! I am hoping that it will be better tomorrow or in the next days so that we’ll manage to explore the beauty of Camiguin and discover it’s beauty. So far, we visited only 1 falls yesterday and took some picture. Pictures will be posted very soon once we’ll be back in France. It is raining today also but hubby and I still go out even if we both know that we will be wet under the rain riding the motorcycle we rented. This is the choice we both made earlier this morning and where we go? Here at the cafe for us to check our mails while I on the other hand is checking my blog hehehe. Yes, imagine this that I’ve been begging hubby since early this morning to go at the cafe because I miss blogging already and I want to check if there’s 1M offer hehehhe but none. I long to be back home very soon in France so that I could blog once again and do the sponsored post. Right now, I don’t have any income but it’s very okay for me. I am not complaining or anything and I will definitely say that I am very happy that hubby and I are on vacation because it allows us to relax and unwind a little bit. Hubby needs this vacation very much and it's good to see him that he's able to rest and just enjoy the beauty of life. I am wishing that the pagerank will be very nice again to all the bloggers so that we’ll all earn huge $$$$ especially that it will be Christmas next month right?

I am wishing that it will be sunny in the next days so that we could enjoy and discover the beauty of Camiguin. The place where the sweetest lanzones is right in this place, hot springs, and volcanoes as well. I will be posting some pix soon once we'll be back home.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are forever and it is true that diamond rings means a lot to women. Admit it girls that you once dream of finding your prince charming who’ll be asking you for marriage and he will be offering you this engagement diamond ring. Well, I guess when you experience such kind of situation, it will be considered as one of our unforgetable memories that we’ll always cherish and will always be a part of our life if the guy we love will give us a diamond ring. Hayyy, what a nice dream and fantasy right? That was my dream when I was younger. One day if I’ll win a lotto or I’m able to save enough, I wish to buy a simple pair of diamond earrings. Now, I am dreaming again :-)

Ready To Be Back Home!!!

My suitcases

Hubby's things

Hours from now, we will be at the plane for our flight going back in Philippines. As I said, I am very much excited to be back home again. All our things are ready except for the fact that our flight is too early. Our flight is at 6+ in the morning, so we have to leave here at home at around 3+ in the morning for us to be able to check in our things at 4. That would mean that we won’t manage to sleep here but it will be okay as it is possible to have a short nap at the airport or at the plane. Hubby told me that it is very easy for me to fall asleep for sure as I am the type of a woman who falls asleep very fast no matter where the place is while him on the other hand, he needs to adjust. Hubby is almost done with his luggage. Me? I did it 3 nights ago so nothing to worry about. Hey girls, any tags are very much welcome still and I will do my best to blog still even if I’ll be on vacation. I’ll look for a way for me to be able to connect on my blog and on the internet. Wow, life is really difficult without it. My hands get itchy if I can’t touch the keyboard really. It sounds funny but it’s very true. And by that, that makes me a certified addict!

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Medoc Tour

These photos here were taken last sunday when hubby and I had a little explorations and discoveries in Medoc. Medoc is one of the good wines here in France. I love Medoc’s red wine anyway. Hubby took these photos despite that the weather was a little bit chilly and cloudy. It is indeed automn now because the leaves are changing it’s colors. It’s beautiful to see also the grapeyards when it changes it’s color as well. Very cute and lovely especially when there’s a castle. Castle or chateau is always surrounded by the grapeyards here. Anyway, enjoy the pix my friends.

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Blog Of The Month Award

Awards time again. Rosemarie gave me this award and thought that my blog is the blog of the month. Isn't that nice and kind from her? Thanks sis for this very lovely award *muahhh*.
I'd like to present this award to: Sarah's dotcom, Recel, Emma, Rowena and Ylan.

Monday, 5 November 2007

First Midnight Snack At Home With Hubby

Du vin rosé, jambon blanc, bread, mousse de canard
Tarte normande

Hubby and I use to wake up very late during weekends. I changed one thing in our routine now and that is by doing the grocery alone during fridays so that we'll manage to go out somewhere else instead of spending our time at the supermarket and Picard. We still go in Picard every saturdays but it's a faster job instead of falling in line at the supermarket. Last saturday, hubby and I didnt eat breakfast nor lunch at all as we woke up at around 1 in the afternoon. We were strolling at the mall and ended up in Eurasie to eat something. This is the biggest asian supermarket here in Bordeaux. This place is like our favorite place for us already because we go here every saturdays to eat something. I crave for noodles during weekends but hey, I'm not pregnant ha. I just miss asian foods.

Hubby doesn't like chips nor chocolates at all. When you'll see chips here, it is because of me. I love it even if hubby tells me all the time that it's not good for the tummy at all. Yeah I know and I'm trying to change this habit. We are not really into midnight snack but last saturday, hubby told me that he felt hungry. What did we eat? I just took out our jambon blanc, mousse de canard, bread, tarte normande and pink wine. We didn't ate everything but it was the first time we did something like this. First time we've tried midnight snacks here in our own home. I miss this because this is something that I used to do when I was still in PI. I always eat pancit canton or yakisoba as my midnight snack but these items are not available here. Et voila! This is how french midnight snacks are lolz