Friday, 9 November 2007

Ready To Be Back Home!!!

My suitcases

Hubby's things

Hours from now, we will be at the plane for our flight going back in Philippines. As I said, I am very much excited to be back home again. All our things are ready except for the fact that our flight is too early. Our flight is at 6+ in the morning, so we have to leave here at home at around 3+ in the morning for us to be able to check in our things at 4. That would mean that we won’t manage to sleep here but it will be okay as it is possible to have a short nap at the airport or at the plane. Hubby told me that it is very easy for me to fall asleep for sure as I am the type of a woman who falls asleep very fast no matter where the place is while him on the other hand, he needs to adjust. Hubby is almost done with his luggage. Me? I did it 3 nights ago so nothing to worry about. Hey girls, any tags are very much welcome still and I will do my best to blog still even if I’ll be on vacation. I’ll look for a way for me to be able to connect on my blog and on the internet. Wow, life is really difficult without it. My hands get itchy if I can’t touch the keyboard really. It sounds funny but it’s very true. And by that, that makes me a certified addict!


Analyse said...

bon voyage! enjoy the holidays!

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