Friday, 9 November 2007

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are forever and it is true that diamond rings means a lot to women. Admit it girls that you once dream of finding your prince charming who’ll be asking you for marriage and he will be offering you this engagement diamond ring. Well, I guess when you experience such kind of situation, it will be considered as one of our unforgetable memories that we’ll always cherish and will always be a part of our life if the guy we love will give us a diamond ring. Hayyy, what a nice dream and fantasy right? That was my dream when I was younger. One day if I’ll win a lotto or I’m able to save enough, I wish to buy a simple pair of diamond earrings. Now, I am dreaming again :-)


scavenger said...

francine, ang tagal naman ng bakasyon mo, eto para sayo,
paki kuha na lang jan ng christmas present ko para sayo.

hey, its me, remz.

prathap2525 said...

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