Monday, 5 November 2007

First Midnight Snack At Home With Hubby

Du vin rosé, jambon blanc, bread, mousse de canard
Tarte normande

Hubby and I use to wake up very late during weekends. I changed one thing in our routine now and that is by doing the grocery alone during fridays so that we'll manage to go out somewhere else instead of spending our time at the supermarket and Picard. We still go in Picard every saturdays but it's a faster job instead of falling in line at the supermarket. Last saturday, hubby and I didnt eat breakfast nor lunch at all as we woke up at around 1 in the afternoon. We were strolling at the mall and ended up in Eurasie to eat something. This is the biggest asian supermarket here in Bordeaux. This place is like our favorite place for us already because we go here every saturdays to eat something. I crave for noodles during weekends but hey, I'm not pregnant ha. I just miss asian foods.

Hubby doesn't like chips nor chocolates at all. When you'll see chips here, it is because of me. I love it even if hubby tells me all the time that it's not good for the tummy at all. Yeah I know and I'm trying to change this habit. We are not really into midnight snack but last saturday, hubby told me that he felt hungry. What did we eat? I just took out our jambon blanc, mousse de canard, bread, tarte normande and pink wine. We didn't ate everything but it was the first time we did something like this. First time we've tried midnight snacks here in our own home. I miss this because this is something that I used to do when I was still in PI. I always eat pancit canton or yakisoba as my midnight snack but these items are not available here. Et voila! This is how french midnight snacks are lolz


Analyse said...

never tried midnight snacking here.. but apéro till midnight, oui bien sûr lol.

hey thanks for all the awards, you're so sweet!

ZJ said...

Kami kay pirmi mag-midnight snack. Unsaon na lang, guba na jud ang diet. Pareho pod ta baya, Day Francine... Mag-crave pod ko ug noodles, labi nag gikan diri sa paborito namo nga
Chinese restaurant!
Diay, naa koy tag nimo :D

Carolyn said...

hahhaha i can see myself and my hubby in this situation..we always have midnight snack every friday and saturday night. some other nights ug dili gani mi makatulog, mangaon dayon and wine and cheese are always there:-) hayyyyyy grabe mao dili jud tawn ko moniwang kay permi lang kaon hehehhe

Anonymous said...

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""rare jonRez"" said...

wow!! sarap naman tingnan.. it must be a great midnight snacks together, huh?!

kami pud, sa kadugay mangatulog, minsan, 12 am or 1 am, dinner pa namo! lol

regards dha!

Rosemarie said...

that's for sure a sweet bonding with your hubby. Anyway i have something for you please grab it here

Lucille said...

hi francine! musta na diha? i was away for vacation kaya ngayon lang nakagala sa blogosphere.

Midnight snack?? we never tried it, unless having some guests for dinner at home hanggang midnight talaga ang kainan.

Thanks sa halloween greetings ha and oh the halloween treat! you're thoughtful. thanks and have a great day!

rowena said...

Hi Francine, my golly, midnight snacks nyo yan? Baka di ka na makatulog nyan, he he...

Francine said...

wow, so many messages hehehe. thanks very much my nga eh first time pero its fun kahit sobrang busog. its fun to have such kind of bonding again with hubby making our stomach full even if its late in the evening already