Friday, 9 November 2007

Medoc Tour

These photos here were taken last sunday when hubby and I had a little explorations and discoveries in Medoc. Medoc is one of the good wines here in France. I love Medoc’s red wine anyway. Hubby took these photos despite that the weather was a little bit chilly and cloudy. It is indeed automn now because the leaves are changing it’s colors. It’s beautiful to see also the grapeyards when it changes it’s color as well. Very cute and lovely especially when there’s a castle. Castle or chateau is always surrounded by the grapeyards here. Anyway, enjoy the pix my friends.


Stine said...

It's such a beautiful area! Thanks for the memories...
Wishing you a great trip!

prathap2525 said...

Thanks for the info! It was really useful.

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