Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Questions of the Week #49

1. Tell me, are you feeling lucky this week?
- not really. I'll consider myself very lucky if my numbers will hit the jackpot price of France lotto
2. Are you good at figuring out when you just shouldn’t say anything?
- I try to be coz sometimes I'm really tactless
3. While using someone else’s bathroom, have you ever looked inside their medicine/toiletries cabinet?
- nope. I don't really care about it except to check the names of the perfumes inside their cabinets shhhh
4. If you accidentally walked out of a shop with an item you haven’t paid for, would you return to pay for it?
- if the shop is near at home yes, if not, hehehhe I'll just do it next time
5. Do you think combining as many uses into one is cost affective?
- no
6. Do you always get what you wish for?
- not really
7. Can you talk and type at the same time?
- yes :-)
8. Whats the worst thing a man can say to a women during labor?
- I guess if a guys says that pain will soon disappear
9. If you are in your shower and someone flushes the toilet, what happens?
- i'll just hear the water flowing hahaha. Our shower room and toilet room are separate from each other.
10. What would you like to do for your 15 minutes of fame?
- I'd take the opportunity to meet Celine Dion, Oprah, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

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