Sunday, 17 October 2010

Compliments I Got

Goodness! It feels so good when somebody tells you how good you look and that you look younger compared to the last time they saw you. These were the compliments I got from friends that I met last June. They said, I really lost a lot of weight and I look really younger compared before. Do I look old before? Hahahaha. But seriously, I really take it seriously my goal of loosing weight eversince we arrived home from our vacay in Pinas. I immediately enrolled myself at the nearby fitness gym and exercise for at least an hour minimum per day. I go to the gym 4x in a week and do my bellydancing 3x in a week. So everyday, I'm busy and have something to do when hubby's at home. Aside from that, I'm kinda kikay right now and really give myself the time to use antiaging product, polish my nails, do my hot oil and etc. I'm not getting any younger you know and years from now, no longer possible to find my age in the calendar hahahaha.

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