Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Uploaded It Finally

Ouff! I've been trying to upload this video for several days already but the file is too big so I have to edit it from time to time. Finally, I did it!

This was one of the performances of our show last year. Aren't they so graceful? I'm really hoping to dance and move just like them but goodness, it's too difficult and it will take years for me to succeed so NEVER MIND. That's what it is here when women do this kind of hobby, they aren't afraid to show off their flesh and are really willing to spend their fortune to have the accessories at hand especially the one's that comes from Egypt. For shows like this, ladies are absolutely willing to spend 300-1000+ € for a costume. Oh well, don't have that budget.

Don't you find the 4 ladies tiny and sexy? Goodness, I'm really hoping to loose these belly fats I have. Sometimes, I'm desperate for a quick weight loss change that happens overnight hahaha.

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