Friday, 5 September 2008

The World

What a day! It’s raining and cold outside and yet, it’s summer time still. I’ve seen several documentaries these last days and all of these documentaries are all related to our mother nature and environment. It has been said that our nature is getting worst that’s why, more and more animals are dying especially in the North Pole and more and more unexpected things are coming like tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hurricane and so much more. Ice in the North Pole are melting and the animals living there will be in great danger once everything totally melts there and soon they’ll become endangered species. How will our children see these species if soon these animals be gone? That’s the question I always asked to myself.

Okay, I know I sounded too serious but I just can’t help myself. I wanted to make a difference but it’s not enough to save our nature. Have to look for North Carolina health insurance now before I’ll be posting a very long post here.

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