Saturday, 20 September 2008

Wines And Cheese

1 glass of wine and I'm already drunk. Yes! That's how fast I get drunk and it started last month when I've decided that I won't be drinking wines that much. 1 glass of wine a day is not bad at all and it's good for health but in our case, wines are always present for lunch and dinner. Why wines? White wine for aperitif (depending on what's for apero) and another wine (red or white) for dinner. It's much right? That's why we've been on a lilo mode for it. Of course it's present when eating dinner but lesser now compared before. We eat lesser cheese now as well as it's not good for the tummy and it's not good for me as well. Homeopathe warned me about it because it's not doing any good on my pimples. Grgrgrgrg camembert and chevre are my favorites but I have to follow and listen my doctor. Voila! That's the latest news here and I'm searching for dehumidifier online ^-^.


Maya said...

I know cheese is not pimple friendly. i dont have that much prob with pimples but with my bulging tummy.

About Dehumidifier, it's really good i have one & happy with the result.

Anonymous said...

your right wine is really good for the health, ako minimum duha ra gud ka baso gamay pa gyud kay dali rasad ko mahubog hehehe