Friday, 28 March 2008

L'Apero Anyone?

I am busy as always especially when we've got guest(s) coming in here at home. I have to make a list for the groceries, list for the menus that I will be serving and so many things. That's my job as a woman of this house. It's tiring a little bit when I am so busy but I love it when friends go here. It's always a pleasure for us to have anyone here at home even if I have to do this and that. I guess weeks ago, we had a visitor here from Toulouse. That was great as well even if they didn't stayed that long. Next week, my inlaws will be coming over here :-). I've been thinking and have been searching for different menus already. For the aperitif, I don't know if I'll be serving the same things as shown in the picture or to try other new things.

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