Monday, 17 March 2008

Top Earner Once Again

Yehhhaaaaa! I am one of the top earners once again after posting 3 entries in my Chez Francine blog. That's the only blog I have so far that has the highest pr. This one and my Le bric à brac de Cherie blog, its 2 and 0. But it's very ok. I am not here for a contest or something. I am just enjoying the things I have and the opportunities that comes on my way. I'm just so thankful that my income for this month will be a little bit fine because of this posties. Congratulations to myself!


lotis said...

wow, congrats dai francine, you deserve it.
ako ani, im thinking of quitting if not slowing down. but like you, nag e-scrap na rin lately. :-)

na-add na di nako imo 2 blogs, update pa nako ang uban.

Francine said...

youre getting tired of doing sponsored post?