Friday, 28 March 2008

My friend has been asking me if I know a reliable casino site that accepts US players. Gamblers coming from USA have been facing this kind of problem because mostly of the Online casinos right now are accepting european players only and US gamblers are not allowed to make any deposits or to play for real money. That’s unfair for them for sure. Being a blogger, I’m able to able to explore more sites and I told her to check these USA online casinos listed at Well, it’s up to her as to which of these Online casinos she’d like but all the casinos here accept US gamblers with no single restrictions at all.

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Francesca said...

Take what I do when friends coming around:
I invite them for apperitif, then we all go to a restaurant and chat there for hours and hours.
Wala ako pagod. Enjoy na, even malashing guests (or kami ni Lolo) at least wala na hugas plato, haha!