Saturday, 8 March 2008

What's My Signature Makeup Look?

Your Makeup Look Is

Pale Lips with Big Eyes

A little classic, a little retro - you look fantastic in this high fashion look.

When I was still in PI, I am not into make-up that much because I was scared as to what people will be saying about me or how they find my make-up when I'm wearing them. Honestly, I am not an artist when it comes to it and make-up is my biggest weakness. My sister used to teased me that I don't do it well and this and that are too dark and etc. I'm learning a little bit eversince I got married and arrived here in this new place. I am not an expert still but I am improving and is not afraid to try the different make-up colors right now. And when it comes to maquillage (daily life), I prefer to have the natural look and long lashes all the time. Lip balm is very fine for me already as I have very dry lips especially during cold seasons.

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