Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Majority of us are dreaming to travel and explore the beauty of our world. Some people are very fortunate enough because they can travel to the places they’d love to visit anytime they want because they can afford it while the others cannot. People who can’t afford to travel (like me), the only way for us to do at the moment is to wish that maybe someday we’ll be able to travel once we’re able to save enough. On my part, I am glad that some travellers and vacationers share their travel experiences by posting several pictures of the different places they’ve visited. In this way, it feels like I am travelling with them as well because of the shots they took.

One of my favorite travel sites that I always visit is Why? It is because they are unique and they travel with style. Their site really speaks for themsevles as to where and how they travel. From the different pictures anyone will find here, you’ll really be able to see the unexpected because of the magnificent and beautiful architectures and amazing landscapes. At, you’ll never thought that something you’ll see at their site really exist. Just take a peek on this Floating snack bar that you’ll only find in Frankfurt, Germany. When the soil is dry, you’ll be thinking that it is an ordinary snack bar but when flood comes in, this snack bar turns to a floating snack bar and take note, it’s steel.


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