Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Briefcase To Complete His Business Accessories

Because of hubby’s job, he has to always attend a meeting in Paris once in a month. At times like this, I am alone here at home and eat my breakfast and lunch toute seul. I don’t like it that much because it’s sad to eat alone and quite but we don’t have a choice. It’s his job so he has to do it. Hubby is very professional everytime he goes there in Paris. Sometimes, I do plan of purchasing this Zero Halliburton briefcase for him to complete his entire accessories. It is something that he lacks at the moment and having this kind of briefcase will make him look very handsome and very professional for sure. Oh yeah, I am a big maniac when it comes to that. A night before his flight, I tell him that he'll look very great by wearing this and that and so far he likes my tastes. Well, he should be. I just love him when I always see him handsome and good all the time.

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