Sunday, 27 September 2009

Books & Books

I'm telling you, I can't control myself anymore when it comes to these Amazon books that I always see online. Everytime I see the latest best sellers, I instantly buy them without any hesitation at all. I just love reading and compiling them in my own bibliotheque make me smile. Funny but it is the reality. A day is incomplete for me if I can't read a single page even before sleeping. This habit of mine has changed after my 4th month of pregnancy actually. So now, I always acquire new vocabularies and it has enhanced me personally.

A Good Investment

Was talking to a friend and she said that she read my article here about insurance. After reading that post, she was thinking of getting a term life insurance for her and for her entire family as well while it's still early and while she can afford it at the moment. Well, I do think that insurances are really a good investment but before you invest into something, investigate the company first if it's really a reliable one. I mean, there are insurance companies that are good only for few years and years after that, they'll be announcing their company's bankruptcy and as a client, it's not fair at all. So investigate first then invest. It's for your own future you know.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Health Insurance

I read in a newspaper and they said that to have a health insurance will be a very good idea. It prepares you for your future especially that hospitalization and medication keep on increasing from time to time. There are different companies that offer a low cost health insurance for you to choose from. You'll just have to talk to an agent of the insurance company and tell him/her the terms and the budget you're capable of dispensing every month. Think about it and your future.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bad Weather

Ouff! It's raining here and leaves start to change it's color. It only shows that automn will soon be coming and summer will be over. Was with my inlaws and they just dropped us back at home after lunch because the rain is really pain in the a** and yet, we're supposed to have a tour somewhere. Tant pis! I here at home instantly transferred our outdoor chairs and table just beside the kitchen's window as those are made of wood. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Best Diet Pills

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

So Hottt

I'm tired and bored at home. I wanted to go out but it's too hot outside plus my ladyfriends are busy as well. So my only choice is to play and to make some research online. Few minutes from now, will be playing this interactive game but I need to search for panama city vacation deals first. It's not us who'll be travelling ha (how I wish yes) but a friend of mine and her mom. She knows that I am a computer addict that's why she requested me to do it. Well, she's such a lucky girl because her husband spoils her a lot and gives her everything that she wants and needs. Sweetie, check your email few minutes from now because your request will be granted.