Friday, 8 March 2013


We eat like a pig for the past 2 weeks and it's really too much. I gained weight and I'm having a hard time in exercising and with my regime. Before, we simply had vegetable soup or green salad for dinner but now, we eat meals like that above, lentilles salé, fondue and etc. I can't handle it anymore. I feel so happy at night and it's difficult to go to bed with so heavy tummy. Starting tomorrow, I'll be the one who'll do the grocery and will control everything. I've been so lazy for almost a month now in doing our grocery alone or with hubby. I was not just in the mood to do it nor plan the menu for the week which I always did before. So back to the normal habit starting next week + jogging in the morning. Healthy lifestyle, we're coming so wait for us.

Opps photo above was green salade for me, cheese, potatoes and several charcuterie. It's yummy but so heavy and fatty. Excuse my husband's finger and a small shot of his masonic ring here and my son's hand.