Monday, 11 May 2009

Latest News

News update of us here! I am getting better and better even if I still vommit from time to time. Aside from that, hubby and I were busy in searching for another place for us. We have to move because the present place we have only have 1 bedroom and as I will be giving birth by december, we'd like to have another room ready for our baby. We visited several places already and have decided which residence will be good for us. Today, hubby will be submitting the necessary papers and hopefully by July will be moving to our so-called home. Jezzz, renting a place here isn't easy at all. Agency will be checking how much salary you have and you have to submit many papers. You'll be allowed to rent a place that won't exceed 30% of your salary. Meaning, if you're earning 2,500 euros per month, you'll be able to rent only an apartment that won't exceed 750 euros rental per month. It is for the agency's assurance that you really have the means of paying your obligation to them. Good thing it's not like that in Philippines or else, people will be having a very difficult time in searching a shelter for themselves. Anyway, our target déménagement will be this coming summer. That way, weather will be good and easy for us to arrange our things instead of moving out during automn and winter. Voila! That's the latest news for the mean time here.

I was absent the entire week also from my dancing class last week. Will be attending my classes this week. For the mean time, searching for a Medicare supplement is something that keeps me busy. I just got curious about it and is observing if it will be helpful for us very soon.


Amor said...

Congrats Francine,buntis diay ka girl!!Maayo gyd mamalhin mo sa bigger na place kay na-a na baya mo abot na baby.

oo mao rato ingredients sa chorizo ug longganisa dba pareho raman na.Uy optional ratong oyster sauce ha.

Francesca said...

heeeeyyy buntis musta na,sus, kaya pala di ka na visit ng blog ko,

sana girl, para me partner ka sa belly dancing, ahihihiihih!

Francesca said...

i posted n plà my french cit interview.