Sunday, 20 February 2011

Meet Toxo

Meet our residence's cat. His name is Medicis (the name of our residence) but I call him Toxo. During my pregnancy, my ob told me not to touch any cats because they carry toxoplasmos and from that moment on, I call him Toxo until now. Only me calls him that name and does his meow when I call his name. No idea if he's angry or what but I just love calling him that. He's nice and sweet and loves to carress my legs when I'm around. Based from our guardian who gave us the infos, Toxo has been living here for more than 6 years already so he's kinda old. He loves to sleep on the top of the car and I'm telling you, he has luxurious taste. He sleeps on the top either of these cars: porche, BMW or Ferrari. No idea if our neighbors are angry everytime he does it or if he scratches the cars but himself doesn't mind at all. Voila! Time to buy fat burners now then I'll go to bed.

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