Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Real People Are Hard To Find

I only have few people around me but I would say that these people are always there for me and never left me when I needed someone to talk to. Chismosas and jealous people exist too here in France. There are racist and everything just like anywhere else but sure thing, filipinos rise and are always the best above all. In my case, I'm just happy that I finally found the answers. True people are few and are worth fighting for. I don't need these assholes full of jealousy and all they do in their lives is to backfight anyone. I'll leave them that and I don't need that in my life. Well, if they're reading this,... I'm definitely happy where I am right now and I'm full of smiles so AU REVOIR. True that I feel like quitting sometimes coz of these stupid people but my real friends were, are and will always be there for me. Only them push me and encourage me to go forward without thinking of anybody else. We fought sometimes, we argued on several subjects but at the end of the day, we apologize and become friends once again or even become sisters. True people are always there for you, through thich and thin and no matter what. If you gave these people, never let them go coz they're the only one's where you'll find peace.  

Enough of my drama now :-), will now open cigar auctions for hubby.

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