Monday, 16 September 2013


If there's one thing that I hate the most at work, that will be someone underestimating his/her colleagues. I still couldn't understand why some people can't accept the fact that there's hierarchy in everywhere we go and why not simply face it. For me, this is one of the many reasons why there are conflicts at work. One stabs one's back once he or she isn't around and vice versa. Plastic no? I am absolutely not like that and I prefer to be direct to someone if something bothers me. I know, they don't work, act and behave like me but it's just so disgusting. Unhealthy at work if I shall consider. As for me, I always say "je m'en fiche" or I don't care. As long as I'm working right and they pay me right, then the people around me aren't important. My relationship at work is good but it's just that some colleagues are not appropriate at all especially to their OJTs. Anyway, see you later folks and and gotta buy needed stand offs now.

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