Tuesday, 28 January 2014

All Packed In

Yes and I'm ready for my Barcelona trip tomorrow. Nervous and excited for this very first trip of mine alone. Suitcase, gadgets and papers are all ready. Believe it or not, I will be there until sunday online but it looks like I'm staying there for a week lolz. Hubby was like "Wow! Are you sure you'll be bringing all those stuffs?" hehehe. Woman will always be a woman, agree? I'll be touring around of course thursday and friday during the day with my roommate and shows in the evening. Saturday and sunday will be an entire workshop for me then airport directly by sunday night. You may find me funny but I'll even have it with me the usb audio interface at musicians friend. I just wanna make sure that I've got everything :-). As they've said, make sure you've got everything before going to a war. Agree?

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