Sunday, 8 February 2009

Watch Collector

I wasn't really a watch collector woman before. It changes when hubby gave me a Seiko watch last Christmas. He, himself, is a great collector of designer named watches and keep it as his real treasures and jewelries. Yeah! That's the only jewelry he has aside from our wedding ring. He's influencing me with his collections and now, I wanted to buy more watches and consider it as one of my girly accessories. Rolex is on my top list of course but because of the price, I'll never buy it even if I'll have the money. For practical reasons, I'd rather buy a car or a house instead of spending thousands of euros for a watch. Seiko, Cartier, Omega and Fendi watches are the names I love. I love that watch above and I'm saving a penny every month for me to be able to have that watch before the year ends.

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