Thursday, 22 January 2009

Editing, Surfing & Searching

Jezzz, I was supposed to upload photos I took while on vacation but as the card reader is inside hubby's luggage and his suitcase is still missing, I don't have anything yet. I'd like to buy a new card reader here in Dauin but to go at the city center, it will take me maximum of 30 minutes, plus we don't really have the time to go there for a stroll coz hubby's busy with his diving. We'll be able to do it 3 days before going back à Bordeaux I guess. As I'm not doing anything, editing the photos in advance and surfing around the net and searching for jobs in IT are making me busy.


marie said...

Nasa Pinas ka pala, I understand if you cannot meet us, ksama mo pala si hubs mo.....enjoy!

Ylan said...

gwapa! i hope lingaw ka sa imong bakasyon.. ig balik nimo, favor to ask, please change the URL to thanks!