Saturday, 24 April 2010

Camera-Critters #107

It's good to be back again to join all these weekly meme available for blogging online. Ouff! Anyway, hubby took this shot when we went in Bohol (couldn't remember what year). That was my 2nd time around there and that was his very first time there. Hubby was amazed of the tarsier and found it very cute yet, he couldn't understand why it's still allowed to have a place where tourist can take a picture or actually get close to this specie knowing that tarsier is starting to become an endangered species. For him, tarsier might be very cute and tiny yet they're like us, they also need privacy and respect. Voila! Off to look for best colon cleanse now. I made a promise to sleep early tonight and I'll try to keep this promise.


siromade08 said...

The Tarsier looks beautiful, I like his big round eyes, looking at the photo it looks like he is perverting someone hmmmm

eileeninmd said...

Sorry, that the tarsier are consider an endangered species. They are cute!

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for sharing this great closeup of an endangered critter. Adorable and hopefully his numbers will be on the incline :O)