Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Raphaël's Baptismal

The reception

Aperitif in the boat that was exclusively for us only

Bonding with Daddylo (my son calls mommylo & daddylo to his grandparents)

The ceremony

These pictures were some of the shots during my son's baptismal last saturday. Everything went so perfect from the start till the end. Nobody had any idea where will be venue for lunch , how it will be and etc. Everything was surprise. In the end, everybody was enjoying, full and had a great time. My son on the other hand was really amazing. He was so kind and was very alive. He was singing A when we're singing Alleluiah though it was so funny because his voice was really loud. Too bad because nobody brought any video cam :-(. That's the only regret I have because that very moment is very special and unique.

What's new? Gala is fast approaching and I'm quite stressed about it. Our percussion choreography is not finish yet and we only have 1 meeting for us to finish it. Voila! Stress! Stress! Stress! Have to search for security cameras now. What for? A secret :-)...

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Sreisaat said...

Francine, congratulations!
Sus, kadugay na jud ko wala kabisita dinhi mao na wahi sa news. Your baby is sooo cute I want to pinch his cheeks. I love his name as well. Welcome to the Christian world, Raphael :)