Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saturday 9: How's It Gonna Be

1. How's it gonna be in 2011 for you?
- no idea yet but I'm wishing that it's going to be a fruitful and productive year for me

2. What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening?
- hmmm candle lit dinner somewhere and while having an apero or drinking champagne, somebody will be playing a violin

3. What strategy would you implement to deal with drug abuse in today's world?
- keep on advertising and informing people especially the young one's on what's going to happen to you if you become addicted to it

4. What thing about your family are you least proud of?
- self- centered, lazy

5. What part of the holidays are you really looking forward to?
- Christmas. For New Year, I'm already disappointed about it. A friend organized a party here at home and I am fine with it because I thought that everybody will be paying 50 euros per person for us to have champagnes, wines, lechon, aperitif, foie gras, and etc. Unfortunately, 6 people (we'll be 11) are only willing to pay 30 € and they expected us to serve them these things and to transact with a caterer. Frankly speaking, they're dreaming and the cheapest meal here everywhere in the restos is 90 € and wines and champagnes are not included yet. Seriously, I want to cancel this party coz this is so insane and is giving me a headache.

6. Who is the last person you high-fived? Why?
- high-fived? Meaning?

7. Have you ever made out at a drive-in?
- made out at?

8. If you had only enough energy left in you for one last smile, who would you give it to?
- to my boys

9. Tell us about that time when you were the “life of the party”.
- during my son's birthday. There were new and old friends and all of them congratulated me on how successful and beautiful the party was. Big and small were enjoying and I was so talkative that they all found me very interesting to talk to no matter what the subjects will be. Oh well, too bad nobody asked me for cheap insurance or else, I'll be selling them and encourage them to get one.

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