Saturday, 24 April 2010

I'm Checking

I'm checking:

- shower done
- brushing my teeth done
- having my nails done
- submit pending tasks --almost finish
-cleaning the kitchen --almost done
- preparing my income statement - almost done

Ouff, few more things to go and I'll be able to relax in the next days before the next deliveries will be arriving. I can't wait to go at the center and to buy some stuffs for me and for my son for the upcoming summer. When I go out, I only go at the nearby park with Raphaël and stay there for at leasts an hour. It's our bonding moment together especially when the weather is really good. Ouffs, I forgot to put on my night cream. Good night everyone!

Camera-Critters #107

It's good to be back again to join all these weekly meme available for blogging online. Ouff! Anyway, hubby took this shot when we went in Bohol (couldn't remember what year). That was my 2nd time around there and that was his very first time there. Hubby was amazed of the tarsier and found it very cute yet, he couldn't understand why it's still allowed to have a place where tourist can take a picture or actually get close to this specie knowing that tarsier is starting to become an endangered species. For him, tarsier might be very cute and tiny yet they're like us, they also need privacy and respect. Voila! Off to look for best colon cleanse now. I made a promise to sleep early tonight and I'll try to keep this promise.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Do you know what's the other way of recharging your baterries back (yourself)? Shopping! Oh yeah baby! It's nice especially when you'll find things that please you at a low price. Discounts shall we say. You're happy as well as your pocket also. Why not get a nordictrac coupon for yourself and keep yourself lean as well. Sweat all you can until you feel good while burning those calories at the same time. I'm telling you, it's good also and will help you.

It's Too Much

Oh la la la la! It's friday once again. Thanks God! Finally weekend is coming and will be able recharge my batteries again. This week has been so stressing for me especially the last 2 days. Disappointments, anger and sadness really ate everything in me. I can't tell you the stories exactly but yes, today I really cried because it's too much for me already. When I'm doing it, I do it inside the bathroom all by myself. I don't want my son to see me like that especially at his age. But yes, sometimes I just couldn't understand why mostly of the people are so selfish. I do everything for them to have a good life but they never appreciate it still and ask for more and still think that I'm greedy and yet everything that I have are all given to them. It's sad. Anyway, I'll be searching gmat prep that a friend ask me. I'd like to wish everybody a happy weekend in advance.

Punch Cigars

Hmmmm cigars cigars. It smells good especially the famous punch cigars. I don't smoke but there are cigars that really smells good and tempting. So far, the cheapest punch cigars I found are it and take note, it's really cheap at this online store and there are many choices to choose from. It's pretty obvious that from the name of the store itself, they surely have the best cigars here.

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