Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Another Costume

Our gala is getting closer. It will be this June 26. Rehearsal is getting more and more srious and etc. Some of the choreographies are not finish yet but we're working at it. Hopefully before the month ends, we'll be able to finalize them. In my case, I'm also practicing here at home when I'm free. Bought another costume that I'll be using for the classic choreography. For khalegy, no idea yet if our prof will be the one who'll provide us or vice versa. I washed this new costume yesterday and it looks better now. When I received it, it looked dirty and greyish. Now, I would say that it's white. Before I'll go for POS systems, what do you think about it? I mean my costume? I have 2 now so I'm hesitating if I'll use this one or my old one. I mean, I'd love to wear this of course but no idea yet as to how my prof would react when she sees me with this :-).


Carolyn said...

wow..this is very nice costume....goodluck to your show..we will have our grand show this saturday too hehehe so excited na pod:-)

kumosta na?

FRANCINE said...

TNX yads. you do baladi ba or saidi? we're good here. busy permi kay hapit na amo galal. dipaka buntis?