Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Tree Up

This morning, an hour before lunch. I had an errand at the center so I took the opportunity to get a small one instead of waiting for Ikea's fresh pine trees. I got ours for 19 €. The moment that I arrived home, I immediately decorated it (I'm a dummy when it comes to decorating Christmas tree)and placed all the gifts below. Hubby and Raphaël were both surprised to see it. We were supposed to decorate it the 3 of us but I had my bellydancing class this evening, plus I cooked pinakbet, ironed the clothes and etc. and thought that it will be too late for my son to wait for me 'till I'm back home. Raphaël has plenty of gifts, as usual. Next project, look for mens dress shoes for hubby. He loves shoes just like me :-).

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