Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm Workaholic

It makes me feel good and more confident now that I'm starting to work. Earning your own money is completely different. You'll learn to value every single penny you'll have. Hubby's not selfish nor greedy. He always provides me anything that I want and need and he even gives me his card even if I have my own. I don't abuse his kindness. These last days, I really stick to my budget and follow what's in the paper. Would you believe that our monthly grocery is only 250 €? I told hubby that it will be better to really write down anything, that way, we'll be able to tract down our unwanted expenses. See? I'm more stingy now that I started working. It's just that it's too difficult to earn here yet too easy to spend 'em. I prefer to spend our money for my son's future like sending him in a private school even if people around us don't agree us. Talking about money, I shall check automated clearing house and maybe I'll find something interested for my income.

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