Monday, 16 April 2012


I've been a multitasker for the past two weeks. I've been doing this and that, left and right professionally and personally. I wanted to prove myself that I can do many things at the same time and so far, I manage to do it. I have my very strict time mmanagement and I'm just lucky enough that I have a week or even 2 weeks free from work. It simply means that bonding moment with my son and spoil my boys with my cooking. I love spending my time at the kitchen with my son and I can sense that he loves it as well. He plays like a chef when he's alone in his bedroom and serves me his plastic foods and tells me "maman, c'est bon (mama it's yummy)". It's very rewarding for me coz he's very expressive now. Oh well, hubby tells me to take a pause and look for sunless spray tan for myself or reward myself to something but going out with my out is simply priceless.

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