Monday, 23 April 2012

Will Be Performing

Got this call just few minutes ago and yes, it's confirmed! I'll have another client and will be dancing this July. I'm loving my passion (bellydancing). Last friday I danced at the marocain restaurant and they offered me to perform there as replacement and to dance every Fridays when they have big clients. Bellydance is fun and I love it. This call I got will be for the home for the aged at the center. My job will be to dance twice maximum but it will be more of giving them a lecture or giving them ideas like what's bellydancing, how it started, the different styles come from where, the accessories and etc. I like it when I impart my knowledge about this art coz at the moment, egyptians don't seem to care about it and this tradition of them seems to disappear. Too bad. I'll be showing them some moves and will give one personal gift to give to grandma who rocks. It will be fun but this makes me miss my grandma :-(.

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