Wednesday, 13 February 2013

V Day

Any plans for V day folks? Mostly of you already did the reservation at the restaurant I guess or already ordered flowers for the lovely lady of their life. So sweet. If you'll ask about us, no idea if hubby prepared something. We might go at the libanaise restaurant tomorrow night if he has no plans. We promised to each other that we won't buy expensive gifts to one another for us to be able to travel this year. Dream destinations are Santorini, Greece and Italy. We're keeping our fingers crossed for this dream. All I know is that I'm thankful for the love, generousity and support that my husband gives me all the time. He's always at side through thick and thin and I appreciate his super duper patience. I have jobs left and right but he never  asks me to stop nor to choose between him and these jobs.  I maybe busy sometimes chatting my ladyfriends or help someone in finding a car magnet printing online or go out with them or busy with my jobs but he is always there to lend me his ears when I needed it the most. To my husband, thank you for everything and for the unconditional love. You just don't have any idea how much I appreciate you and love you for who you are. Je t'aime mon petit coeur.

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