Sunday, 3 November 2013

Memories, Memories, Memories

I would say that I had and enjoyed my highschool and college days. I always reminisce all those crazy moments I had: good and the bad ones. I miss those days, the bonding time I had with my friends, cutting classes just to watch a film either ayala or sm or simply go to the beach with the boys lolz. Haaay, I wish to see all of them once again. We're always trying to have our reunion but same thing, mostly are not available and several of our group are now living outside PI. I still have my class ring. I don't wear it anymore but everyone I see it, it makes me immediately smile. Memories, memories, memories. No regrets at all. For my friends and readers out there, do you still wear it? In my own opinion, really a good idea to have one before leaving the school. Although you're not really obliged to get one for yourself but it's one of the souvenirs you'll have. You may suggest someone to get your class rings here just incase they don't know where to get it. As far as I know, big discounts will be given if you guys order it by volume.

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