Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas, You're So Near

Yesssss... and I'm so excited! Actually, everybody is excited, right? I love it here in Bordeaux when cold season comes in. Different atmosphere and ambiance around especially for the upcoming holiday season. My favorite is at night. Yes it's cold but there's something special about it really that I can't describe. Picture below is the Regent Hotel and just infront of it is the Grand Theatre where Bourgeois people go. Many animations of course during the weekend but I find it so crowdy and noisy during the day and too difficult to park as well. Last weekend, I had the courage to go out to shop something and I was surprised to see an american young guy who played so well with his instrument. Seriously, he was the eye-catcher of the day. People were watching him and applauded him a lot.


Well, if one day you go here in France, don't forget to add Bordeaux in your list. You'll never regret it. Have a wonderful evening everyone. I'm off for new gold tube at musicians friend. This is kinda urgent.

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